Are Cuttletrunks of oort creation?

a very weird question but. Cuttletrunks have an unnatural design. they shoot ■■■■■ and beams that look electric and have a similar design to the beam connecting the part of the launched grapple to the launcher. Therefore I conclude Cuttletrunks may be of Oort creation.

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Cuttle Trunks are the offspring of Roadrunners before they metamorphosis into a Roadrunner.

Reportes for knowing way too much :rage::triumph:

Like many creations we take inspiration in nature to build things. I would imagine that the grapple had some type of correlation on its design from the Cuttlepunks.


Well, when a squid and a bird love each-other very much…


it was created through high end genetic/tech engineering - our powerful ancestors grabbed an oort bird (code name for roadrunner) and combined it with gravity-manipulating technology (unknown to us atm) which basic levels helped creating grapples

spitters combined with bombs led to hoppers (they used to have all kind of useful hoppers like regeneration ones, as well as healing, mining etc.)

in general - monsters we know are remnants of the powerful Oort Technology who eventually happened to be the end of our ancestors civilization
what remained is universe populated by hostile creations of old days

What if cuttletrunks is what killed the old oortains and they learned to evolve into spitters, wildstock and roadrunners?

Yes they are from the late days of Oortian society when genetic manipulation went rampant and private organizations rallied to create the perfect pet. The first incarnation of the cuddletrunk was a cute fluffy ball of fun. But quickly it evolved towards the cute tentacly ball we all know and love today :3

when a fluffy round doggy loves a squid very much. they create a bad bad oofer who kills on sight. probably what happened to the oort

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