Are SILVER tools better than IRON? Why?

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Good afternoon, good evening and good night, fellow 4 fingered creatures (points to who gets the reference to the first bit of that sentence :wink:

I remember seeing some talk on how people were going from Iron tools straight to Gem tools, I was also under the impression that the inbetween wasn’t “worth my time” to go grind.

BUT I have since been in need of some Silver Alloy to make some machines, so I grabbed myself an atlas and dig down. I was surprised to see how much I actually found. I found more than enough to justify my time searching for them.

I learnt quite a bit about how best to find Silver, so I wanted to share what I know with the the hopes that more people endulge in the beauty that is Silver Tools. So I made a 2 Minute Tips video on how to find it (I cover how to find it on a Level 3 Planet, so it is New Player friendly :+1: )


Interesting. I’ll look forward to giving that a look when I get the chance. I could do with some silver. Mr. Truman. :wink:

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Very well done video. As a side note I love how the 2 min tips are a bit longer lol. Maybe rename to 5min tips lololol

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Going to watch your video now! Oh, and the title of your thread is the baddest Englandish I ever sawed.


@C0ND1T10NR3D - 10 points!! :smiley:

@blinvir - Thanks mate! Hahah I get what you mean, but the acually ‘Tip’ segment of the video (exlcuding the intro, explaining what the video is about and the summary/outro) is around 2 minutes normally :smiley: Plus 2 Minute Tips rolls off the tongue nicer :wink:

@Pseudonym84 - Thanks Pseudo! Oh damn… thanks for letting me know lol, I don’t want the forums knowing how bad I am at British :open_mouth: And you get points for the GIF :ok_hand:


Interesting thought, taking to the forum for opinions on which is preferred. It made me go reevaluate the two, so I looked at the stats for iron hammers vs silver hammers. The main differences I looked at were damage, action speed, and durability. Iron does more damage (and has a higher critical chance) than silver, but silver’s action speed and durability clearly outmatch iron, and this is only looking at silver tools and not the other alloy tools as well. I suppose it would depend on mining style. If someone wants to hit harder and doesn’t care how slow it is, iron might be better for them (or gold or titanium lol), whereas silver would work better for someone who wants to hit really fast and last longer. Of course, this is only looking at the tools. Theoretically the silver grapple should be anyone’s choice over iron any day, but that’s just how I feel about it.

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@alienvampire571 Oh damn, good job on crunching the numbers!

Also if you have a strength Brew or forge the silver hammer (cheaply) with enough damage to one shot blocks, they become far superior to iron. But that depends how easily/cheap you have access to brews and forging ingredient :slight_smile:

And yeh, I 100% agree with you about the grapple :+1:

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@Ovis yes, but also take into consideration that flexibility is lower than iron, so be careful when forging!

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I forge Silver tools with AoE and a bit of extra damage and durability all the time to farm stuff on Lvl1 to Lvl3 worlds. Heck if I add a bit more damage they even work wonders on Lvl4!

Especially combined with a Fast brew I grab clay soil/ash/mud/growth/gravel really, realy quick!

They also buffed silver and gold so they are viable choice

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Interesting and nice video @Ovis!

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Since the buff… silver hands down.

Speed and duribility are way better. And damage difference is minimal. With a few skill points they both 1 shot low teir worlds easily. Havent tried using them on T6 or anything, might make some difference, but using them where intended silver is miles ahead.

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I’m gonna be getting some Silver soon now that I know it’s worth it.


That is true! Still learning a lot about forging :smiley:

I’m loving reading the replies to the video. it really is helpful to find out other people’s experiences in this area. Thanks!

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awesome, very helpful!

@AeneaGames - Oooh yeh that sounds like a great tool to have, I just got done making a Silvber Hammer with Below Adjacent and +dmg, gonna see if its any good for tunneling. Going to try find some Gold this time :slight_smile: A fast brew is also a good shout, I spent an hour farming that stuff for bricks, could have 100% done with a fast brew or two :joy:

@EdWe - Cheers Ed! :smiley:

@uni3k - Yeh I agree, especially when you forge a little bit of damage and a cheap strength brew :slight_smile: I’m going to be trying out Gold soon, maybe the bonus Crit on the Gold will be pretty usefull :smiley:

@Mortuari - Go for it bro, you won’t be dissapointed :smiley:

@saram50 - I agree, such a great feeling being able to ask a question and see everyones opinion :slight_smile:

@MikeyIGN - Thanks Mikey, appreciate it! Glad it helped :smiley:


Brews 'n Stuff at New Leyden Market sells them for great prices! :wink:

i’ve found that iron hammers last longer than silver and do more damage, not to mention iron is easier to gather than silver.

the only thing that silver hammers has better is speed.

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You’re right, iron does do more dmg, so if you’re only just able to one shot something with an iron hammer, then it would be more effective than a silver. But I have just forged some silver hammers with +dmg (no power, boon compound 1) very cheap and it has made the silver hammer a much better choice :slight_smile:

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