Are the number of resources equal on each planet?


The resources tab for a given world provides a percentage break down of embedded and surface resources for each world.
However can they be compared like for like?

Imoco shows fibrous leaf at 12.92%
Cephonex Merika shows 5.72%

One would assume that this means there is more on imoco, not necessarily easier to find etc.
Basically these percentages mean nothing unless the total resource spawn is equal for each world, i.e. of all the 15 available surface resources on Merika individually add up to the same value as the 12 surface resources on Imoco.

Further, if someone beacons a 1000 plots and mines the whole thing out for a build does the world regen the resources elsewhere on the world in line with the pre set percentages?

Or is the whole thing completely random?


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I think resource density if randomly generated when the world is created, so it’s not fixed or equal across same tier planets.

So in your example, Imoco would indeed have more fibrous leaf than Cephonex Merika. However, the percentages are not fixed, so they fluctuate when people mine/harvest the resource. If people heavily harvested the fibrous leaf on Imoco, it could drop below the Ceph percentage.

Surface resources, as with other resources like ores, will respawn in different locations, so they can’t just be regen-bombed.

How quickly they respawn… I have no idea :man_shrugging: I don’t think it is at a fixed rate though … I think the process just respawns a random amount.

Thanks @Stretchious

The way I understand it is that there are set areas where resources are set to Regen, and percentage is split between all the resources in each category. So it isn’t possible to relate percentages between planets. So basically if two planets have the same percentage of copper, it’s likely that one of them contains more. It would also be possible for a planet to contain less overall copper than another planet, yet be easier to mine if it spawns in tight clumps rather than being evenly spread. Your best bet is to play around with the atlas, and check out each planet on the tier you are comfortable with, and noting which is more ideal for your needs and abilities. Pheminorum is a good example. It doesn’t have the highest concentration of fibrous leaves, but they are easy to harvest because the planet has large flat areas full of desert swords. This is one thing I like about this game and really makes exploring worth it.