Are there any plans for Boundless this year?

Is the big update still going to be implemented?
Are there any possible changes that are being explored or considered?
Is everything on hold, gone defunct, or have plans changed?

People on steam are telling potential players the game has shutdown and is abandonware. Potential players are thanking them for the warning & walking away. No dev rebuttal, no corrections, no responses. I no longer respond on steam because I cannot disprove their statements. It’s a mess.

There have been some decent content creators come and go, which is a shame, but they rec’d very little to no support. Why would they stick around and why would they advertise a game to their followers when there is little to no customer support, moderation, incentives (giveaways, keys, free cosmetics), updates, etc?

You guys have people spending (& have spent) their time & money here. They love the product/experience you created. I do too.

There should be a fresh announcement in regards to automated events, here and on steam.

Yes, there should be some sort of roadmap. Even if everything planned is marked “TBD” or “delayed”.



Everyone, even mods, have a breaking point.


I know that similar threads come and go but, given the identities of the OP and the first reply, I feel like the response (or lack thereof) to this post will probably be a decisive moment in the game’s history. :thinking:

Best of luck to us all.


Exactly we need something. Telling us the game is on pause doesn’t help disprove if the game is dead or not we need real informative information.

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just for confirmation, great as they are … the about page doesn’t list @majorvex as a mod … :thinking:


Feeling you on this, seems like such a bad decision of the dev’s to go so quiet, even if they are on shaky waters.


Leaders are “Mods” from the Community.


If I pay $30 for a game, which is fully realised and complete … I expect nothing more from it. This game is that.

Are there a couple of things that don’t appear to be in the initial goals of the product? Sure … Have they affected how I play the game? Not in the slightest. Is there literally anything game-breakingly wrong? Not that I can see.

I’m not owed new features, I got what I paid for and it’s lovely! :slightly_smiling_face:

If I got it on Humble? Then I’m winning even more!

Do I believe the game will evolve eventually? Sure!

Could there be a little more noise from the devs? Sure. However, I don’t see any real need for it other than users asking for it, and not being given it, then being sad or annoyed about that.

In the meantime, I’ll keep building slower than actual real builders (so you know I’m slow) and hiding lights like an idiot! :sweat_smile:

Also, cheers, @Kirinvar … duly noted!


Yep, so so much this.

I have spent a lot of money on this game. I’ll probably continue to do so as long as it stays up - as I love the game and my fellow players so much. As I’ve said before, the game and community have meant so much for me and I’ll always be grateful for the work that went into it. Helped me through some very tough times, both the escape of the game and some real friendships I’ve made here. :slight_smile:

But that doesn’t mean I’m not at the same time upset about things. :frowning: I’ve held my tongue (well, fingers) a lot though I’ve vented a little here and there - yes, I know I can be annoying haha and I try to keep it toned down a bit and not bug you all much. At this point though… please, can we get some info on how things stand and what the future broadly is looking or not looking like? Perhaps for you all, you’re over it, it is a drain or a burden and I get it if so, and I feel horrible if that is the case… but for the people who love your creation so much still, who have put a lot of ourselves into it, please don’t leave us hanging here. Bad rumors going around - one I admit I shared with a few people as it seemed really credible - and though someone was apparently told privately the game isn’t going anywhere, is that the servers too or just the game? I admit my own speculation is that the update is being changed to pave the way take the public servers offline and move to private, would love to know that isn’t happening at least any time soon. I think reassurance would pull a fair number of people back, and give those promoting it incentive to continue.


I am simply making observations and asking a few questions about the update.

I love playing Boundless, it’s a great game as it is, it’s great to see the devs logging in several times a week, and they’ve earned every penny I’ve sent their way imo.


I just wish that the features from the “Oort Online Trailer” came to fruition :frowning:


One day MajorVex will make it to the “Official” moderator list…


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Definitely agree I hate being in the dark and not know anything that’s going with the game been a year since they announced the update and still no update. Players want to know what the heck is going on how do you expect to keep a game alive you don’t put a road map and promises on updates that still have not happen. I really do love game but putting all the hard work of grinding into game knowing it’s not worth doing any more cause the dev just leaves us players running in circles guessing when the updates are gonna happen.


I feel like there would have been far more effective opportunities to draw lines in the sand over the last year.

I wouldn’t be saying anything to us either, after reading all of last years posts.

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Nah, mod is a paid position only as they gain access to player info like email address and more, and therefore leaders will never be made mods.
Source: former leader who discussed this at great length with James and multiple previous CM


I love Boundless and enjoy it as much now as when it launched. I play most days and spend a fair bit of money on the game - I currently maintain seven sovereigns and buy gleam club. I’ll play as long as the servers are still up and I have breath in my lungs.

However, I need to say that the fact that technical issues might take months to resolve, such as Ratchel’s issue with reclaims, means that I’m a bit more concerned about the lack of communication. It just seems rude to ignore support issues for months when someone is a paying customer. Yes, the game runs without major issues, but if something buggy happens and it takes four months to get any sort of response it seems to show a certain level of contempt for a customer.

I really don’t think a simple pm or post on the forum to acknowledge an issue is too much to ask. It literally takes less than a minute to say ‘we’ll resolve your issue as soon as we can.’

Manners cost nothing, but gleam club and sovereigns do cost money.


ty, that makes sense!

WE have more and more new Players !!!
Try to Help where i can specially with @Marcello666 together in Party Chat and btw streaming IT so WE can Show IT directly Like today again .

I See a Lot of new Players because of leading hunt you reconize that really fast .

What i ve mentioned in Other Post everone can Help Boundless watching vids of IT or streams on the Phone besides while you Re doing Other things so Other people Join Stream or vids get more shown in Other searches too.

I Hope i get my Thing done tomorrow what i am planing so i can Show everyone.

Roadmaps would be great Sure but more important than that IS even its only one time a week a small Dev comment Here on the Forum so people See they interest for US.

This Game has such A big Potential more than Minecraft has and could be a really big Game with a Lot of Money to earn for them…

@bucfanpaka you Re great doing all the stuff with your planets for the Community :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Correct. Leaders are volunteers, not paid employees (as you know yourself).

However, I have many times been given personal/account info by players themselves who are seeking help when they haven’t been able to get help elsewhere. I always delete their info and direct them to James & Leah.