Are there any plans for Boundless this year?

Correct. Leaders are volunteers, not paid employees (as you know yourself).

However, I have many times been given personal/account info by players themselves who are seeking help when they haven’t been able to get help elsewhere. I always delete their info and direct them to James & Leah.


I guess they decided to loosen up on a few things

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Of anything I think this is the one thing James and team should solve and make a statement on. We don’t need people on steam driving away people just because they don’t like how the Devs approach communication or the situation they are in right now with BG3.


All I can say is, a little effort can go along way. And come February it will be a year of pretty much nothing. As much as I love this game and continue to play. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely pissed off about the complete ghosting of the devs. And when I say devs. I mean James as this is his baby. Now I don’t have any hate for him. I just don’t understand the logic behind disappearing and staying silent for so long.

Keep in mind I don’t think I’m owed anything. I’ve enjoyed boundless since the first day I started playing it and still do today. I’ve always been willing to help anyway I could. Whether it was with the sanctum. Or stirring up nonsense so we could have new body paints.
I just think popping in once a month and saying hey would go along way.

Maybe putting a little time into getting some of the small changes that will make a huge impact. Like the compact Oort for portals so you don’t have to fill them as often. This is something people asked for nearly at the beginning of the game.

Either way. Seeing we had the Halloween, Christmas and now gleambow events actually happen was a plus. And the game going on sale on steam is always good as I do see new player fairly regularly. Also there does seem to be a steady stream of exo’s to keep some people content.

There has always been so much potential that we’ve all seen for this game. So who knows what’s in store. Maybe this will all be moved over to the meta verse and we’ll all be playing on vr at some point. Or we could wake up tomorrow and it could all be gone. Without any communication we’ll never know.

Anywho I’ll see you all in boundless as long as it’s around. :v::heart::beers:



Let’s be honest, none of what’s happening here is on the players or the people leaving bad reviews on Steam. NONE OF IT.
I find it UNACCEPTABLE to pretend otherwise.

It’s all on Square Enix and Wonderstruck. They make the big decisions, not us. They made the decision to ghost us, to go radio-silence for a solid year.
It’s not the players who are still loving the game as it is. Not the players who are disgruntled (whether they still play or have stopped playing).

The players can be noisy. But let’s be real, it’s the same thing with EVERY GOD DAMN playerbase. And Boundless’ is pretty chill compared to some others. Some people 'round here are acting like the devs got death-threats from us. I think even the most disgruntled players have been very very supportive to the devs, all things considered.

What is being said on Steam is not being “corrected” by the devs, they do not bother to, hence, what is being said on Steam is true. The game is slowly dying in a corner. That truth is simply going to become clearer and clearer as more players leave. Only the devs have the power to stop that trend. Not us.

What happened is not that we players drove the devs away.
My guess is that the devs tried to bite more than they could chew, what with the scope of what they originally announced… I mean, are you kidding me with the 20-ish alternate races and the Titans and such?
Square Enix saw that and said “ok, stop, we’re not paying for you guys to work at this pace for 10 more years”.
So the devs left. End of story. The possibility of them ever coming back is getting slimmer and slimmer as months go by.

I personally think that the devs will have to answer for all of their silence, sooner or later, whether it’s here on the forum of this game, or on the forum of whatever other game they decide to work on after BG3. Yes, I think it is a solid possibility that they simply will move on from Boundless altogether. But the ghost of Boundless will follow them.

Call me petty, but if they do move on to start another game, I certain WILL be there to make sure that everybody knows how they decided to abandon this game without having the courtesy to let us know the reality of the situation, how they’ve let us all wait for their possible return.

Some people say the devs owe us nothing.

I disagree.

They owe us an apology and an explanation.


I would imagine money talks in this situation. Game is not making money and BG3 is providing a more stable pay and opportunity. Could the team be using this to take a step back then return to Boundless with more skillsets than before? Could the dev’s be hoping that the work would also help attract and develop talent for turbulenz? Just some food for thought… We boundless folks are a very small crowd. who knows how the game would have turned out if the sword and shields update came out in the early stages, instead of this being a primary mmo.

I have accepted the fact that the Oort Online marketing video that sold me on this game will never come to fruition. I just login, play, and well just try to appreciate the fact that I need to collect 360+ bitter beans.


The Devs gave us an explanation - 1) They all went to work on BG3. 2) They are having an issue finding time to release the latest update due to some code problems they need to fix.

The game is “alive” and will be alive until the servers are turned off. It might be “dead to development” right now but that doesn’t make it “dead” overall.

In fact, those people acting like children quitting over and over and pushing this dead narrative are just jerks being massively disrespectful to all of us that do still play. In fact, those playing consistently continue to support the game and provide good vibes to those in the community and new players. They don’t need to deal with people trying to ruin everybody’s mood with complaint posts in the forum or steam.

I don’t see one person anywhere that doesn’t hold the Devs accountable for their actions lately. No one has been happy for them going silent - just some aren’t as critical as others. What each person does is on THEM. Each person is responsible for THEIR actions. Players and the community did more than enough to cause problems for the game and drive people away. The Devs caused plenty of problems with how they handled things when BG3 came around.

The devs own their mistakes and the actions they have chosen to taken. SE owns their mistakes for whatever they did and for refusing to fix the website now or do other things after that initial “advertising” push. Since we don’t sit in those offices we have no idea why they did what they did or why they aren’t doing things many of us think would help. People really need to stop being control freaks demanding others act the way they want them to act.

People have every right to be disappointed in the game and share a view… but they don’t need to beat that drum over and over like they are some victim or deserve a trophy for quitting. Going forward people just need to play the game and enjoy it for what it is or stop playing the game if they aren’t happy with how the Devs are running it.

Either we will get an update one day or we won’t and the servers will be turned off… let those of us that actually still play the game worry about that since we are the only ones impacted by the decision.


I’m talking about a detailed explanation. You’re talking about something James said like what, 6 months ago? Ok, some code issue to fix, and 6 months later, they still haven’t been able to find the time for that? I call that BS.

And before someone attempts to say it, I’m not saying the devs should’ve been giving us updates about how development is going every 2 weeks, but… nothing in 6 months? That’s not ok.

The radio silence and not answering to questions from the playerbase for 6 months, that’s not “owning” up to mistakes. If anything, it’s the exact polar opposite.

You’ll notice that I for one don’t post much around here, I’m staying fairly silent, all things considered. I’m not the one who opened this thread, and I wouldn’t have said anything, but I simply had to react when someone says stuff pretty much like “if I was a dev, I would’ve left too after reading all the negative posts”, because that’s not fair either.

Now you do you. Have fun as much as you want, as much as you can. I myself have never truly left, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now, my creative world would be shut down, I wouldn’t have spent days recently working on a big tower and showroom, and I wouldn’t be having messages with Host on Discord.


You shouldnt paraphrase.

I said I wouldn’t talk to us either. For that exact reason.


The game is abadonware as far as I’m concerned. It’s a real shame. I’ve said it probably 100 times and why not a 101st: this game has the foundation to take on Minecraft and pull in similar numbers of players and revenue but what do I know?


Clarification: English is not my mother tongue and therefore I may not use the correct expressions or my point of view may be fully understood.

I waited all of 2021 hoping to see something new, or at least news of some kind and nothing at all. I’m not even disappointed, I just don’t expect anything from this game, I’m just playing around and waiting for the day they close.

There are still blind players who believe that they support the game just to play, when their fanaticism only makes everything worse, with their fanatical attitudes and wanting to defend the game at all costs only make the game look bad from an external point of view. . .

That the game is fine as is?, possibly, although debatable, but they keep selling it in the trailers as something it IS NOT, and that is misleading advertising.

Should the users be the ones helping the developers or the game itself? Since when has the client helped the company? I paid money for THEM to offer me a service, not me for them.

Do you defend absolutely everything to this game? Do not think that the developers will make you a statue the day they close this project, you are simply one more number, like any other, you are even worth the same as those of us who criticize REALITY.

Sad to see how fans keep claiming that this game is alive just because its “servers are on”. I feel sorry for his blindness and he seems pathetic at the same time. On the other hand, there are the fans who don’t want new users because they will build everywhere and destroy planets. Haha, it’s ironic that it’s the fans themselves who sabotage the game they love.

I do not ask the creators of this game to do anything for me, because I no longer invest any more money in this abandoned game, but I do ask them to respect the users who have spent and continue to spend so much money on it.

It just makes me angry, because I really believe that this game has immense potential, that the universe that it has created and its aesthetics, along with its good soundtrack, and the art of each enemy, character, blocks and the incredible functions that it has that all the users interact with each other is something unique and I doubt that there will ever be another game like this that gives me so much peace when playing, have that freedom to choose my role and that gives me such good vibes.

For my part, I will not continue to support this charade and as long as they ask my opinion, I will recommend that no one buy the game because it is ABANDONED and part of its small user base are fans who defend the indefensible and do not contribute something to the development or health of the own game.


I want to point some things out here….

Is the game finished as in complete? NO
As pointed out the trailer doesn’t “fit” the product as stuff is still missing.

Majority of updates have been towards fixed issues in the game. (Yes some content was added).

All that has been asked is information and support :wink:

I love boundless and i hope it will stay as long as possible.
But communication is one thing that has to resume…
There are still issues with in the game that only can be resolved by a dev.
There is still enough in game that could use a fix or a overhaul (activity’s and skills to name a few).

Also want to point out because of the lack of communication, issues that are “easy fixes” for a dev become issues that destroy the enjoyment for those who request their help.

Again i love boundless ill keep playing :wink:
But I don’t think its a “finished” game.
And it still could use fixes and improvements.


Although your message is the one that pushed me to react, I did not quote you specifically because you are not the first one to say something like this (or it’s not the first time you’re saying something like this), where it’s implied things being bad is the fault of disgruntled players.

If people actually “wanted to help”, you know the best thing you could do? Write a freaking letter, like a big document filled with testimonies and such about why the game should get its devs back, and should be getting more content, about how it could be a challenger for Minecraft and such, and then send that document to the CEO of Square Enix…
< thinks about it for a second >
…who happens to be the guy who told gamers “playing for pleasure” was the wrong way to enjoy gaming, that user-generated content was not reliable as it came from personal feelings, good will and volunteer spirit… and that we should all aspire to “play to contribute”, that we should all get into NFTs.
< sighs >
Yeah ok, granted, the chances of this working are really low… but that’s the only idea I have, right now. But they might be the only ones who can actually do something.


Square Enix Collective is a division of Square Enix and as we all know from another thread, Square Enix Collective is well aware of the situation.

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I never said they weren’t aware, but there could be something to gain to remind them all that we’re all still waiting, and that, ultimately, they are the ones with the power to change things.

Unless you prefer going back to the sterile war of players still having fun in spite of everything VS the unhappy players who apparently are the cancer of this community.


Just to clarify, Square Enix doesn’t own the IP or any creative control/rights to the game - that all rests with Turbulenz. We were an investor and a service provider for distribution - so the course of action you describe might be more effective with a publisher that owned the IP itself, but in this case it wouldn’t make any difference I’m afraid.


But wasn’t Square Enix paying Turbulenz/Wonderstruck to keep developing the game?

I’m not saying SE should keep developing the game, but maybe they could make a new deal with Turbulenz.


We funded development of the game up until the full release from Early Access. Game sales and income from in-game transactions/servers/etc was intended to fund the game’s ongoing running and development costs after that.


Exactly, and this did not pan out as expected, so maybe it would be better for everyone to go with a different plan than letting the game bleed its players out slowly.

(EDIT : also, happy new year Phil)