Are you ready for update?post prep pics and tips)


I’m more than ready!


I have all my beacons at half a year and have a full smart stack of raw berries and meat as well at a regular stack of cooked berries and meat. Still don’t think I am ready though >.<

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Storage costs are reduced to 1/4 of previous, glue cost is doubled. Neither “yield more” then before, you can just make 4 times the amount of storage with the same amount of mats.

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We gathered a few things.


Simple design that will allow for easy and rapid expansion. I’m not too worried about the miss-matched colors of the bookshelves. I just ran to Dunedragon’s shop and bought all his stock like 3 or 4 times, but I am going to have to do something about the leaf roof in my vault. I am however very upset about having to do this…

…so much wasted space to keep my smart stacks in order, but it beat getting upset about them not stacking properly, and running through my portal to Epsilo and with an inventory full of rock and tossing it into the ocean. I’ve only had to do that like 5 or 6 times…


I wonder what happens to items in the middle of crafting process. Will they continue even though they started with recipes different then when they are about to end? And the queued ones. Will they start when their turn comes or will they be stopped as the recipes where different when queued?


That is a great question. I was attempting some last minute crafting for a few things I overlooked in prep for the new patch.

When is the update dropping to live version? I’m not ready at all…

it is online now

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Dang. This weekend was crazy busy. Well, it is too late now to worry about it, lol

Just found out. Most of my items completed, except the Shop Stands. Those are stuck at max time in the que.

Edit: Probably because they are no longer made in the Workbench. lol.

well the prestige is wierd at my place got 20mil and before it was only 150k

Aaargh I’m at work and now all I can think about is getting home to play! (And push the update to boundlesscrafting of course!)


Aren’t you feeling a sudden illness?


@the-moebius @Eldwen all of the screenshots of organized storage makes me weep. I need organization in my life. I started and then kept dumping everything in random places… Must do better!


Is new for me to saves lotts off time ,:slight_smile:

Use spare Shop Stands to help keep your bulk items organized in a nice and neat space. Thanks @Jiivita for the idea.

(Apparently the shop stand bugs weren’t quite fixed…as there should be more red and yellow rock then what is shown.)


@Eldwen that looks like a good space saver!

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12 hours away from being fully powered! If you add 1 basic power coil to the 15 the workbench needs to make the advanced it cuts crafting time from 12 hours down to 6. If you add a second basic power coil it only cuts it by an additional 6 minutes. So basically, the boost seems to be for every 1500 power add 100 to get just about max boost.


bet a lot of people regret skipping over this one right about now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: