Arena Games Coming to boundless!

Tournament style 3 vs 3 team battle for supremacy. Represent your guild in the arena battlefield. Fast paced action filled event with combination of team strategy skill based tactics. Not for the faint of heart. Winning team will sit on top of the leaderboard and a grand prize of $1 million coin! Free entry for the contestants. Tickets for the show will be limited with an entry fee to be announced. Along with the ticket you will receive $10,000 coin credit to make a bet on the team you think will win the tournament. Payouts will be payed accordingly to the number of teams in the tournament. In game coin and gem wagering against the house will be available for each round. More details and info coming soon!


Ok but - how do you fight when people can’t hurt eachover?

Would it be like a spleef tournament?

Gladiatoorts! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is where the shame of being pummeled with snowballs would come in handy.

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The First battlefield will be 4 plots wide and 13 Plots long. Much like a football or soccer field but high in the sky over lava. Each team will enter on each side. Contestants will be checked before entry in a private room make sure the inventory is empty by being required to pick up 32 smart stacks and will be handed all items needed to participate. Teams can move up, down,forward and backwards within the field of play. The object of the game is to get one of the members of your team to the other side and run to the winner square first to advance. Block breaking is allowed and encouraged. Sorry no buffs of any kind you’ll have to leave your guild for the event. Audience will be able to see the even from the sideline and make bets on the winner.

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you could add portals behind glass for people to view from other planets!


wow that’s a great idea! thanks for that

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Hahaha, This is great! My brother and I were talking about something exactly like this! I look forward to watching this, I can see so many possibilities with this.

Yeah I agree. Think the Gleambow event triggered something for me. Not sure if your interested in working with me on this or future event like this? Be cool to have weekly tournaments or minor event on a regular bases.

We can start the Boundless Competition Organization!.. Im open for better names…lol

Maybe we can have dual Arena’s and offset our events.

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cool idea arte intera on kada allready has a arena with a reserved space in middle to add sand floor to fight these sort off battles
feel free to use it to test our stuff under the reserved space is a plotted lake :grinning:
it was made for spleef battles
but i much prefer a homemade boundless version off it keep us updated

I’ve been wanting to build a racing arena that has stands to watch, and obstacles to avoid. No buffs, no equipment, only skill load out allowed. players must have empty hands (to avoid any forged gear tricks too). would have a hand full of refs to ensure fair play and rule following placed around the edges of the track. Stands (ones people watch from not shop stands) would be owned by different guilds who sponsor the event (so they generate coin based on viewership as a reward). Signs will be posted around the track edge for Shops who wish to donate to prize pools.

Winner gets a prize paid in coin (although 1mil is way out of my ability, but I was thinking 10k, but at least one race per week).

Edit: not meaning to crash your thread or anything, feel free to do the sponsorship signs or some of the other ideas here in your arena games as well! I was only explaining my idea because I would love for there to be a group who hosted community based events that people could attend.

Yes that would be good for boundless. Im totally down to be part of a group to feature these type events. @Fiffer13 @Mittins. I won’t be in game much today but will try to get a hold of you tomorrow if you are around.

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I’m never sure when I can be on on the weekends lol. Makes planing things with people crazy hard :sweat_smile: but I can let you know when I know haha.

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