"armor" forged items take damage when taking fall damage

Possibly only happens when you also have fall armor (such as from the skill).

My fist that provides kinetic and impulse armor isn’t protecting me at all from these falls.

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Forged items with armor lose durability when you take damage. I make iron fists that use armor as a shield on hunts. If it does not say that it has fall armor then you won’t be protected from falling. Taking any kind of damage while holding the item will cause it to lose durability. :disappointed: Unfortunately.

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I am reporting it as a bug 'cause it’s super dumb. I was wondering why my fists were breaking so much and it’s because I’ve been abusing the fall armor skill lately.


Can you provide some screenshots showing the forge effects on your fist?

Also, how many skill points did you add for each of the armour skills?