Armor sets


Was going through dev notes. Think I read somewhere that boundless was working on armor sets but wanted people to be able to choose whichever one they liked more and not initially have a advantage or disadvantage over any other armor set. Does this mean all armor sets will be the same until we forge them with different levels of protection and environmental protection. Plus augments for armor. I hope so the market for different armor sets will be so diverse I would be a happy player. Hope the devs sketches go from paper to the game after the farming update.


No telling what the plan is for them now, but im hoping whenever they do implement it they are done similarly to what you said. I’d like to mix and match different pieces of armor for more variety instead of everyone using the same armor because it has the best stats. (This is asauming armor would be more than just say a chest piece or something)

Im also hoping for some sort of system where we can upgrade the armor to increase the stats and visuals. (More definition or more glow as you level the armor up) But i wonder if the armor would break similar to the way tools break as you use them.