Armor skill protection disappearing?

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I was hunting on Besevrona earlier, and noticed I had started taking damage from things that I normally didnt, and way more damage from things that usually did less. I was having to chug brews left and right to stay alve.

So, I checked my stats (Character->Profile->Life and Protection) and this is what i saw:

Double-checked my skills page, and it was still set fine:

I suppose this could just be a display bug, but I’d swear something bugged out and removed my armor, the amount of damage I was taking seemed to have changed drastically. :man_shrugging: :

I had no debuffs at the time, but I had been fighting various elemental mobs who at some point may have applied an armor/resist debuff.

More testing by others to see if we can repro this would be helpful.

Did a Return to Sanctuary and then jumped back into the game world through the normal portal on the left.

The stats were back to what they should be on the Life and Protection page, and I am more convinced than ever that the armor was actually gone when it read 0. I was able to facetank mobs again after just a simple Return to Sanctuary ‘reset’ it.

Still not sure on how to reproduce it though.