[Arramilae] --[Savage Umbris Exoworld]--

Name : Arramilae
Type : Umbris
Tier : 7
Atmosphere : Caustic Lvl 7
42 blinksecs of SHEDU TIER
Warp Cost : 3400c
Last until February 12, 2020 10:30 PM
Server : US East

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.
[ :boom: = Exoworld Color Only ]

Gleam - :boom:13 Dark Red

Igneous - :boom:13 Dark Red
Metamorphic - 20 Night Orange
Sedimentary - :boom:25 Hot Cherry

Ancient - 254 Hot Orange
Lustrous - 42 Dark Mustard
Twisted - 74 Fuchsia

Exotic - :boom:254 Hot Orange
Lush Foliage - :boom:30 Hot Sepia
Waxy - 73 Warm Magenta

Clay - 13 Dark Red
Peaty - :boom:43 Shadow Mustard
Silty - :boom:11 Strong Fuchsia

Barbed - :boom:254 Hot Orange
Gnarled - :boom:41 Strong Mustard
Verdant - :boom:10 Strong Magenta

Ash - 25 Hot Cherry
Gravel - :boom:13 Dark Red
Glacier - :boom:13 Dark Red
Growth - :boom:77 Cherry
Ice - :boom:26 Silk Cherry
Mould - :boom:42 Dark Mustard
Mud - 12 Strong Cherry
Sand - 28 Silk Orange
Sponge - :boom:16 Dark Fuchsia
Tangle - :boom:30 Hot Sepia
Thorn - :boom:250 Shadow Violet

Cloneflower - 55 Deep Turquoise
Gladeflower - :boom:244 Deep Viridian
Ghostflower - :boom:253 Deep Orange
Spineflower - :boom:240 Strong Slate

Desert Sword - 47 Dark Turquoise
Oortian’s Staff - :boom:4 Dark Cerulean
Rosetta Nox - 34 Deep Yellow
Spineback Plant - :boom:46 Shadow Turquoise
Stardrop Plant - :boom:119 Warm Violet
Traveller’s Perch - :boom:253 Deep Orange
Trumpet Root - :boom:71 Deep Fuchsia
Twisted Aloba - :boom:24 Deep Red

Branch Funnel - :boom:43 Shadow Mustard
Clustered Tongue - :boom:252 Strong Orange
Glow Cap - 74 Fuchsia
Mottled Tar Spot - :boom:252 Strong Orange
Tinted-Burst - 71 Deep Fuchsia
Weeping Waxcap - :boom:41 Strong Mustard

Resources Tab

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This one appeared by far busiest when I set the warps, so hit it first, get some Umbris. :wink:

Big hotspots in the few regions I hit! :smiley: What a weekend this will be, haha! :grin::star_struck:


Completed atlases and some free location tokens now ready at the usual place at Exo Explorers on Lasaina (main portals from TNT Megahub and PS Hub Boori)

Some resource in atlas pics


If any one finds Thorns can you save me a Location please

Found a spot where you can hit three towers at once, I’ll put the gleam and umbris spots in the stations soon. :slight_smile:


Man umbris is thick 720 in like 90 mins



Arramilae T7-Umbris (Caustic Lvl 7) exo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam is NEW so go get it my fellow gleam collectors… Also have tokens to Growth and Mould…enjoy my friends :slight_smile:





Hehe you found one of them :grin::+1:

11h after spawning and this exo is already badly stripped of its umbris…

Nah been finding dense seams from 171 to 160 way above the avg person. But that is what happens when umbris is rare

Shame they spawned them all together.

Advantage USA on this lot lol

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Why shame? Just last night I ran to the blink one for twisted timber for someone. Just ask maybe someone can help u out. I thinks it’s cool they launched all 3

Went to the rift just a bit ago and got 160 rift with one hammer. Went down someone’s mine and broke all their walls down and found a ton of rift under those walls. Glad there’s still “efficient” miners still around.


This has been pretty generous with Umbris for me. I have found several hundred each trip.

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Has any1 Found Thorns on this planet

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thanks for goo tunnels tokens, i was able to get over 30 rings :slight_smile: