Art: Beacon Control and Campfire concepts!

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Hello FRIENDS. I don’t believe we put up a beacon control and campfire concept post yet. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Finally we’re looking to change that ugly grey box placeholder that just says ‘BEACON’ on it to something fancy and that you’d actually like sitting around your plot.

Campfires act as temporary beacons.


This is awesome, however do these colours represent different states of beacon fuel?

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We’re hoping to upgrade your beacon depending on prestige.


Oh so the colours are prestige based, that’s nice, Will there be an effect that shows beacon life?

those look great :slight_smile:

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Oooh! These are amazing! :smile:

I kinda want to use the beacon’s model as street lighting…


Well I guess my beacons will see the light of day from now on, and you can use the beacons as streetlight lol, you will just have to replot. And powering them up will be a pain.

While there hasn’t been any concept art posted for the campfire, there was a post a while back regarding art for the beacon control. I’ve added all the art posted on the forum to the archive.

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Necro Post Day!


Boop boop let’s resurrect this. The idea of having different beacon designs (based on prestige) is nice. Any chance we’re getting it in the future?


Not only that, but what if you were able to create a beacon with a different colour flame, by using gem torches to craft it?


wow yea would love to have this also :smiley: well the devs are already working on alot and I really appreciate all they do <3

I really like the different flames looking like the 6 elements. I really hope they’ll add that in the future.

You can already do that (kinda). Just place the gem torch on top of the beacon!


How about we create a gem beacon? A dark matter beacon? For the rich guy in me :joy:

Edit: Different beacon designs like an obelisk beacon (that can be stacked to achieve different sizes like doors) would be great too i guess.


Make an entire two-plot tall rectangle full of beacons and create

T H E - O M E G A - B E A C O N