Art: Block Parasite Concept Art

New creature! Block parasite. Little dude will be lurking in them blocks and you can pluck him out with the grapple. Fun!


Trypophobia attack incoming…

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What happens if I leave him in the block? Can I not break the block until he is pulled out? Will he attack if left alone? Am I loading the gun?

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I really hope we can launch them at other players/creatures after pulling them out :stuck_out_tongue:


This does sound very cool, I like the idea of accidentally grappling one in a cave and getting ambushed :grin:

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Nobody mentioned that idea, Wichall! I think we are all loading the gun, here. Maybe we should stop giving the Devs ideas.

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Maybee you automaticly get infected and become more susceptible to the negative effects of the planet . … “click”

Does it hunting for players? Does the parasite adding some marks on each side of occupied block (purple and green circles on your picture)? Can it occupy resource blocks (ore seams for example)?
Which here will be behaviour of this little dude? Does it related with big worms?

Need this to spook miners :grin: I’ll train them

@the-moebius Lol, love the super necro!

Keep em coming :nerd_face:

Interesting but what would be the purpose of stopping to pull them out

Think they pop out when exposed and attack