Art: Large and Small Worm!

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Hello guys. Been busy partying with the worms. They supposedly belong to the same family, evolving from the Block Parasite.

Small worm differs from the big worm in that it maneuvers around the environment, burrowing into the ground and pops up to bite you. The large worm is pretty much an awesome thing**. It’s like ultimate treasure you go for as it leaves behind a tunnel full of goodies after you kill them.

Here is the funky ideal size comparison for all the worms together.


Its beautiful and HUGE… I hope i do not meet a drunk worm in a dark alley on my way from the pub…

I hope we can hear the underground ones coming, to get some time to climb up a tree.


good lord! he’s huge,thank god i tend to live up mountains! :wink:
just need to be a bit more alert when finding the perfect spot to set up base lol

i dont suppose carrying a sign saying im not very tasty will save me will it? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a pity, It would be so awesome if they would create tunnels and if you could chase them in their tunnels.


Awesome art! I hope there’s a way to hide or run away from them. The large worm could kill you before you see it coming with one hit. :smiley:

We actually see that as the prize for beating them. They are meant to generate huge tunnels beneath them and protect the hidden treasures, which you can only access if you beat them. Digging underneath them will be locked by the worm’s body so you cannot break through it.



so the idea is that we would actually like to create tunnels from where they are spawned (we just need to prototype this… a lot!). What she means - is that the worm attacks roughly in the same place above ground. What we’d like is for you to be able to explore the tunnel the large worm creates afterwards to pick up some loot and resources.

In any case, we have quite a few ways on how we’d like to implement and animate this creature later on down the line. We also want to really push the scale of this guy to the limit! :sweat_smile:


hahaha snap luke! :laughing:


Kill worms, get Spice!


This is a really cool idea, i hope you can make this possible :thumbsup:


These things are amazing!! And holy ■■■■ the big ones are… well, BIG! I can just imagine the bigger ones slinking across a vast desert or maybe even an arctic tundra. Do they actually displace block, and how fast do they displace them?

@Minyi and minyi’s art are bae


would like to see some like, above ground giant slugs that leave behind a sticky film that can trap you in it for a duration and make you easy spitter fodder.

they could even be non-violent with really really tough hide, so that only high cost tools can bother them.

edit easier… if you ever watch me play you can see how much i die :frowning:

Here’s how I’m imagining you from now on, @Minyi:


Omg thanks for making my day.


This is exactly what I was thinking of!

Such incredible ideas and renderings, nicely done!

Holy moly, those are large.

I think I might build my next house floating 20 blocks high … over a lake :laughing:


this is just pure art