Future of the game directed @James

Hello to anyone reading this.

Wall of text incoming. Probably will be seen as criticism.

Since beta I have watched many players come and go.
Which got me to thinking about why I still play.
After 2000 hours played I would like to ask a few questions.
And I hope to offer suggestions.
My intention is to help keep the game alive as I watch beacons
expire everywhere.
Also don’t take these to heart as these are my opinions.

I have checked the forums but seem to come up short
on most of these.

1st : The roadmap seems very sparse @James.
You said champion the features you want to see
so here goes.
Preloaded responses from my opinion.
Scrapped, on hold, in development?

Character models where are they ?

Scrapped: Don’t nuke them charge for them.
Add them to the cubit system i’ll pay.
Wolf, Rhino, Bird etc…

On hold: Cool, what kind of timeline can we expect any info?

In development : omg waffles…

Other mobs to hunt and harvest adding challenge, armor pieces, trophys etc…

and of course

watch the end for a shot of a Titan.

Scrapped: wow what a let down think I will find another game.

On hold: Cool I’ll wait.

In Development: Wow thanks for the info…

New blocks; Blink, Rift and Dark Matter.

Scrapped: Again with no new blocks think I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

On hold: Nice can’t wait but I will.

Props & Beams, Poles, Mannequins,Totems, Stickers

Scrapped: Who wants my stuff?

On hold: Cool will wait patiently

In Development: Who do I address the gift basket to ?

Armor and Wearables where are they?

Scrapped: this hurts my soul.

On hold: Again patiently waiting.

In Development: wow already wondering what cool designs we will get in the exchange for the holidays…

What about fishing and sea life?

Scrapped: sad that sounded really fun.

On hold: cool make fishing a mini game>>>please

In Development: I hope it’s a mini game.

Environment?? This is a big one…Why is everything pink and purple?
Can’t find the quote where somone said that they wanted to use more realistic palletes.
But really pink or purple on every planet? Not one has black ignous and lava.
Hard to roleplay an evil genius in his lab/fortress
with all the pink and purple.
Are we ever gonna get red gleam and not some watered down version of it?
Or a dark planet…far way sun. Rocks and mountains up to the skybox so we have to live underground?
If not when are we getting our own worlds ?

These are just a few of the things I would like any info on.


I believe many of these items can be utilized in many ways for events and added to the exchange to help fund the game.
I am anxious to pay if it will speed things up. After all it took over a year just to get a few signs.

And lastly the game seems flat like minecraft…you guys have better graphics
what happened to the view distance?
And Art: Prefabs + Natural Props Concept

This is not meant to make anyone upset , I have played along time but don’t use the forums a lot.
This is just my opinion on asking if this is still the game I though it was going to be.


Hello, I’m also super excited about all these concepts.
Especially everything that has to more character options.

A few things I’ve picked up over the last months:

  • The Hunter is the next Monster to be added and being worked on right now. (As seen in the roadmap)

  • I have no Idea on the timeline for Blink, Rift and Dark Matter, but they are almost curtain to come. We’ve seen them in the Trailer and on the Beta Hunting Server. The planet progression strongly hints at them being found on future level 7 or level 8 planets.

  • More Character Faces are in the works right now.

  • We have already seen the 3D Assets for Poles/Beams/Fences but the implementation is technically more demanding then doors or signs for example because they have to connect to each other in all kinds of ways. But it’s apparently being worked on.

Although I only have around 800 hours in game and no beta experience I’ve read many of these posts and concept designs. I can agree to some points, alot was announced but not much clarification to as and when these things will be released or if they ever will be. Although I loved the road map it seemed very limited most road maps cover the entire next year not just the first quarter. I know WS is working their behinds off to get content/QoL updates out regular but just a little more clarification would be excellent.

My one gripe with this game again is the bubble gum princess planets! I get the need for variation and pastel colors for some amount of realism BUT I agree there needs to be at least a few more styles with darker feel to them. Lava planet with dark rocks similar to scenes from Starwars! Trouble is the one thing that will keep people on this game will be building grand designs and alot of people wont wanna do that in princess bubblegum land D;

ETA on Private Planets? :smiley:

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Quite some players here are EVE Online players and i think we have the same here as in EVE. If i go to fanfest they all have these OMFG LOOK AT WHAT WE ARE PLANNING presentations. But implementing and releasing them is troublesome. I can understand that a developer wants to be able to do certain stuff and might be enthiousiastically talking about it. Actually doing it however, is a totally different thing. They might run short on resources, manpower and technology to actually do all the stuff they want.

I expect Titans, if they ever arrive, about 3 to 4 years down the road. Presuming boundless lives that long offcourse. Which i do hope offcourse, because i have fun enough in this game as it is now. Though they better make sure to stay away from the nerfbat.


Nice post. I saw all this, when game called Oort online.

I have few answers:

  • At this moment, you can see a Darkmatter tools only in world builder. (I thought, that it is specific cheating tools, to make debug for own worlds, but never thought, that it will be in the game)
  • You can see some natural props on the higher tier worlds. At least we have some plants from this images

But I agreed, that we need more variations.

I guess, that roadmap is meager, because devs make guild system. I think, it need more time and effort.

P.S. Also I can’t wait for the clothes and lizard race =p

Private planets are gonna be where it’s at. “Own your own planet!” will bring cash, players and streamers (free advertising). Win-win-win. All they gotta do is make sure the game is still worth playing by then. Like it, hate it, agree or disagree, Boundless lost its streamer population when they nerfed bombs.

Whether or not the bomb nerf had to happen is irrelevant - we lost many of our top-tier players and countless others because of it. Jivita didn’t seem to like it, Merlin and many others were also like, seriously ? Nobody asked for this. “I quit if they don’t nerf bombs!” said no streamer ever.

The devs are gonna have to decide at some point whether they’re trying to make an ultra-balanced, dry and dull IRS simulator or a place to have fun, relax and blow stuff up. Bombs is werf-less now.


Exactly Krollbar. Devs need to make the game fun, and nog strive for balance. Boundless is IMHO not a game which needs balance, but should instead be fun to play. The bomb mining nerf was wrong, and future attempts to nerf AOE gem hammes will also drive away much players. Big chance i will stop as well if they attempt that. I think they should bring back bomb mining like it used to be, and develop difficult end gameplay, and more diverse planets and monsters.

Didn’t know Jivita quit, but if he did because of the nerf to bomb mining that should be a strong sign devs have gone too far imho.

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Jivita must have quit this morning then. As he posted a Boundless vid on YouTube yesterday. Stop spreading misinformation to suit your own ends.

As for private planets, I don’t see them as win win win at all.


Jivita didn’t quit, he just didn’t seem to like the bomb nerf in his video. Merlin didn’t quit either, he’s just on break. Other streamers are gone without a trace, who knows if they’ll be back.

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I can’t hear it anymore …
Running after poeple who threaten to quit over every little change (but never actually do) will not lead to any good long term results.
Some undefined anonymous amount of poeple left because of X is also a very bad advisor.

Seriously … if someone actually quit over bomb mining, then they didn’t had any real attachment to the game before and wouldn’t have sticked around for long anyway.


A private planet is a win because a player is picking up the tab instead of Wonderstruck. The way they’re likely to work is it can be just a normal, public planet with the template tweaked to your will. You won’t likely see all 6 gems on the public ones or trees made of diamonds, just normal servers dialed to a user’s preferences in color, type and tier. And those who don’t wish to participate can simply stick to Official servers.

Exactly. Were they only playing the game for bomb mining?

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Players trotting off to play on private planets is bound to impact the community. And there are issues involved with how they will relate to the persistent world.

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It was just a tipping point. The bomb nerf objectively came, and we objectively lost some players. It’s not even about the bombs at this point because they aren’t coming back. But Boundless would do well to not kill any more fun out of the game.


They’d just be a normal world with normal resource spawn and adjustable build permissions. If someone wanted to build a city and truly dictate who can live there now and forever it’d have to be on a private world. Would also solve the problem of building a city for 3 weeks and then PwnzrPwnzRawr2001 comes along, drops 2 million prestige and changes the city name to “PWNZD =p”

Just drop 2,000 plots on day 1 doesn’t cut it for some people. I like to hear the bad points but can only come up with positives for private worlds meshed into the universe.

Im out of coffee. I quit


CanIhaz Power Coilz?

The definition of fun is subjective. Different people will have a different definition of it.

For me personally, I didn’t find bomb mining fun beyond that first initial use of it back in early access. I find more fun in the games challenge, not in its ease. Others will find different things fun… and that’s ok because we are all different.

I also think it’s a little bit of a far reach to say this. If you’re referring to the high end streamers at launch, you must know that they’ll most likely only play whilst they’re paid to do so - which did happen during the initial launch of the game to raise a little awareness. Those streamers need to earn a living, so they’ll obviously move onto the next game where they can do that.

Some players I know still stream Boundless now, others don’t for various reasons, I’m sure some of them may be due to bomb mining, but it’s a bit of a sweeping generalisation to say all of them stopped for that singular reason.

I both agree and disagree with this statement. I say it should be both. The balance does need to happen though, otherwise you make expanding the game more difficult, especially if you want the game to continue to grow well into the future. You don’t build a skyscraper on unstable foundations, unless you want to spend time tweaking the foundations every time you want to add a new floor.


That does explain a lot, that the paid streamers only streamed long enough to get paid. I thought they just tried Boundless and said “meh.”

Fun may be subjective but I do hate to see the core game becoming steadily less fun in the name of balance.

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I’ve never seen a game that has a poll in game. Genuinely interested what that looks like though - do you know of a game that does this or can you direct me to a screenshot of what sort of things they ask?

Also, how do they know people are going to quit playing to activate the poll, or is it presented every time you log off?

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