Art: New Character Faces!

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The concept update you’ve all been waiting for!

Faces finally finalised! Rejoice!

And look, it seems @30nstillgaming is already sculpting one of the faces. Could we expect the other ones too? XD


I need a Pharaoh-like face for me hehe, or an Anubis face :stuck_out_tongue:


@30nstillgaming has confirmed 3 more faces to come on mount Oortmore! I wonder which ones he will pick.

I am pretty sure he’ll be glad to see the side view of the faces to help with his build :slight_smile:


Stop xD , or i have to sent the Stargate SG-1 Commando to stop your Goa’Uld plans of agyptizing (thats a word now) this game XD.


Confirmed it will help me tons


That’s an impressive array of head crests! How many of them are you aiming to include in the initial release?

Awesome faces hope all of em makes it to the game it would be a shame if some of these were left out

There are six face types, the image above shows contoured and non, both profile and front faces.

I like the pronounceifacation of your new word.
Ps. Pronounceifacation is now also a word.

@olliepurkiss says “somewhere between one and loads”

In all seriousness, we are hoping to have as many as we can in for 1.0 release, the goal currently is more than half of those posted earlier by @Minyi


Hahahahahahaha I will “agyptasize” my own world mate :joy:

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If I join your guild will I have to learn to translate Oortian into Goa’uld? :slight_smile:

We will do many things…we will hold every secret…we will be the best…