Dreaming (things u would love to see but prob won't happen)

Yes this 1000x this. Maybe a persons gleam club wears off after paying for a years worth and they take a break. If they were to come back and lost everything because they forgot to renew gleam club because they had taken a break from the game then they might not come back.

Allowing people to due what you suggest would at least let them come back to the game and have stuff to rebuild with instead of just dropping the hammer of not only did you lose the land you had but also all of your items.

It could be a good idea for helping with player retention.

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Functional buildable spaceship :3


Less doom and gloom :joy:


This, always:

A short video to get you hooked on what could be done with simple rotation and translation:
(If you dont want to watch more than 5 mins, just watch this one!)

This video is more in depth and shows how the system works:

StarMade also has a system for this going. It’s more elegant and thought out but also more complex:

(Just for clarification: Both systems come with A LOT of additional functionality.
But thats not what I’m asking for. I’m after the visual aspect of it.
Just a rotation and translation system would be enough to build awesome things.)


Oh yeah, and faces and pants of course. :joy:

But faces are in the pipeline as i have heard …


I dont rly know why those are still being worked as they had those in earlier stages.

Mounts definately… dont care if they would be like 10%increase for speed or lower…

I rly want mounts.


My guess would be that they want the full set of faces available when they release them, also it seems like there are male and female versions of each face now. Also all headgears have to fit all faces.
And thats A LOT of art work.

I wouldn’t mind if they release them in batches but since they promised free recustomization tokens for everyone when they are done, I think that’s not an option.


Level 3 Roadrunner mount would be amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Until you slap on that topaz speedsaddle that happens to have a bouncy feet quirk on it. You’ll be dying for days…


When your home beacon dies it gets moved to a place like the sanctuary(where you can see, but not use it) and you can put it back down.

A high tier planet where you need a special type of beacon. Where once a week monsters would attack your base(you can choose to activate it, but it will auto activate if you wait too long) . You’d get some sort of bonus or resource for building there.

A few recipes requiring road runner parts seem a bit much since you don’t kill many road runners during hunts.

But really I want more equipment slots to change up my character’s abilities a bit. Moving jump/ double jump to shoes, lava resist pants and so on.

Allowing my alts to share a home beacon with my main(on same account). Make switching characters faster on home beacon.


One word


The “prob won’t happen” narrows this down, so I’ll give the one thing that I saw an explanation why it would be tough to do, so sounds like it won’t happen, but would be a dream for me:

Screenshots being able to be made into in-game photos to decorate with.

I would spend SOOO much time with this if it were to happen. Think I’m addicted now…? :joy: Eek.


Beacon boxer and beacon unpacker! Make a box that sucks up all player placed blocks in your plots. Time required bases on number of plots, number of blocks/storage, and/or prestige of the build. Give it an animation similar to the ghost busters trap, swirling and sucking up all the blocks, regening the area as it goes. Once you get to where you want it, you can either access it as an inventory to pull out specific items or plop down your beacon-in’a-box and watch it unfold.


i would love to see some sort of blueprint system, where you can blueprint a build in a beacon, pick it all up and move it somewhere else, iv built some pretty ambitious projects in-game and because of one person i have lost all motivation to keep playing where i am, and the thought of taking it all down and moving somewhere else is a bit to much.


Actual clothing you can forge for effects like non slip ice boots ( I hate walking on ice) :smiley:


Titans, rock throwers, end game boss planets/giant Jesus battle.
Okay. I’m pretty much content as is. Anything added at this point is a bonus.


“Giant Jesus battle” is now the weirdest thing I’ve read on the forums lol that said, Titans will hopefully add some amazing stuff when they get put in


Well, since we’re dreaming, how about making the UltaMech fully functional? :wink:

Take it into battle (take THAT you pesky Roadrunner! … Oh wait, the feather disintegrated) or use it to mine an Exo with (Rift X3932, one blast!). :stuck_out_tongue: “Oh, you think you’re getting to that Resin first? Aims guns at Exo from Norkyna” KABOOM!! Hunk of mantle left, Player … X45 was Defeated :skull: