Art: Wearables Exploration

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Wearable explorations.

Fancy bonus of fancy dress. Not my idea.

Test on vanilla model.

Weekly Dev Update: 2016 July 22nd - Crafting + Dual Wielding Release and more
Planning for 2017 - Contribute your ideas!
Masks and Future Gear

(all Amanda’s ideas) ;D


Number 20 :heart:





i think 19 is my favourite :open_mouth:


These look MUCH cooler than I was originally thinking :smiley:


I’m loving all of them. Especially that little flower. Not a (huge) fan of dress, but well done you’ve managed to murder my skepticism of the tribal look having any festive concepts outside that hat. Also you managed to make it far more piratey with those eye patches. Pirates ftw!


Really cool concepts. I only kinda miss a set for desert people (ya know, hood,scarf, etc.)

Besides of that, is it still planned that they are cosmetic only? Because some of them look like they could serve a purpose (for example the one with the vial chest-belt).

Stuff like this would imo make way better microtransactions than a mystery box that features a random piece of any set.


Lol wut?
But tbh, I like how it is enclosing the character a bit more than the other sets which seem to offer very little (visual) cover


Question: Can we submit models/textures/etc to be added to the game?

Could you pretty please add some star fox cosmetics (for falco), pleaseee!


They’re probably going to have to be careful with anything that’s trademarked if it actually goes in game (don’t want to get sued by Nintendo!)


Nintendo would never sue anybody or take their fan made games offline!


Actually those works count as parody, look at trove for example.


Some of the cat race ones look a bit odd. For example 8 or 6 (most likely because it’s the male version with a flower on top^^)
The other race’ costumes look really nice. Except maybe for 23 which I assume should be flowers (again the male model thing) but it looks more like bulging flesh, as if he jumped head first into man sized nettles xD


Love them… Except for the ones that feel out of place in the RPG-part of the game. Just my thoughts…


I rather like the flower versions really.


I’d like them too on a more female looking character^^ But hey, tastes differ.


I’m bit cunfused about wording here haha :smiley:
Are this wearables for exploration tree symbolization? or generell proposals of different wearables?

2 looks like typical town chief / guild leader :smiley:

5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 23 look like explorer gear

12, 13, 16 look like engineer / crafters gear

24, 25 could be miners

21 trader of course

14, 15 maybe hunters?

18, 19 definetly warrios

hm, so much of my first impression. Anyway many are pretty nice


Looking pretty good! I like #11, #16, and #22. Also, is there news of which races are the most popular and will likely to get into the game? At this point, it looks like the avian race and wolf race are pretty popular :relaxed:


A particular robot celebrity would love no. 11 :smirk:


ok, here it goes, i want number 4’s armor with number 7’s mask and number 3 hair-thingy! :smiley: