Which update will be a game-changer for you?

I’ve made a selection of some updates we know are coming©. Not everything, otherwise the list would be far too long for the purpose of this poll.
You can only select one. Which is THE ONE the you think might be the best in regards to your interests?
You can select only one to prevent people selecting them all and making the poll useless.


well ofc all of them are awesome :smiley:


The one that actually happens.


We really need them all, asap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We only have one race, two weapons, and 4 enemies. :confused:


Only real game changer would be titans imo

Other stuff is nice but way too small on its own to be considered a game changer, even farming.

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I think what they should update is what they have been announcing since the day of its inception, as are the titans, the new creatures and the rental worlds, the latter being the most anticipated because with this we can get rid of the troll

I am really looking forward to graphical updates rather than content… better rendering / viewing distance, fixed refined blocks annoying reflection (it has been addressed and apparently fixed but will be chucked in when more graphical updates go live), no fog underground / in buildings… list goes on.

But out of the options, definitely more cosmetic props!

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tbh all of them

frankly, the developers do not take advantage of giving free content continuously, I think that if you really like boundless, you will agree to support this great project that has absorbed so many of us, I honestly believe that the best way to help developers is investing money in your project and one of the ways would be with the rental worlds, with this we would finance even more this great project both monthly and annually, that’s what they really need, then with an investment you can get a thousand free updates with your furniture and more accessories

All and none, I read somewhere we miss more group events. That would be my vote, as well as concept for online trading. Could be another machine, reaching shops within the home planet, and with coils or purchase tax, reaching to distant planets. At least for getting the shop location / portal, not necessarily for the transaction itself.

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I’m a simple guy. I’m already fine with the game as is. But I’d rather be happy with the game and the first step to that is with farming, Followed by ladders and furniture. But since I’m already fine with the game as is I won’t be voting.


This. :100:

I only voted because I’m really looking forward to farming and tinting.


i want titans

Farming! And I really hope there will be tracks and rails at some point!

I will love all of course, but if you forced me to have to choose just one, then furniture. Reason being, that will give me a lot more incentive to do more creative building. Starting to try to build an actual house in anticipation of it coming, but for a house to be a proper home, it needs certain furnishings… if I were more clever and creative like some here I’d just make them myself but I’m not that good I’m afraid! But I do want a pretty house, perhaps many of them in different places. :slight_smile:

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Titans??? (;.:wink:

I’m in the didn’t vote group (because I want it all).

When I play an MMO, the entirety of the game/experience is what enthralls me. There’s not an individual thing that can be singled out that would make or break a game for me. There are things I’d really enjoy & like to see added to the game, but I am already hooked - so anything they add is sugar on top.:slightly_smiling_face:


I thought it was a multiple choice but it wasn’t so I will just say here that I would pick all apart from stickers and ladders, as those are just little (although nice) additions for me, while all the other I was waiting for since EA time (following devs art concepts and ideas shared back then).

Out of them game changers, it’s the races and new creatures that I care the most about, and farming comes right after that. Armor, more furniture and totems are third best here for me (can’t wait to see them though).

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Should’ve read the instruction where I wrote in bold letters “THE ONE” before voting. ^^

Idealy, I would’ve wanted to make a “organize these options in order from the one you want to see the most to the one you care the less about” like some surveys have.

A multiple choice made no sense to me because most people would’ve voted for all of them, which is like not voting, really.

I personally voted for Furniture because I’m into level-design, and I’m really frustrated that after all these years, as furniture goes, we ONLY have one chair and one table. They’re not interactive and they look kinda bland.

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Of all these farming seems the only one that actually gives us new gameplay, new furniture, clothes, ladders, stickers, etc. are things I want but they won’t change the game all that much in the end…

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