Art: Decorative Props concept art! (Massive post!) 4/13 UPDATED

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Hello all! This past two weeks I’d been working on the concepts for decorations. Started out first with more bespoke meshes, but we’re looking to adapt these to be more sandbox like. For example, instead of creating one 4m high lamppost mesh, we’re looking to split up the parts that make a lamppost into different categories (base, pole, lantern), with the freedom to use each piece for other things too.

Oh and I forgot - one last thing:

4/13 Update:

Fancy some Frankenstein totempoles?

Poles with progression!

Is there furniture?
Art: Decorative Props Concept (cont)
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Oh wow! These look amazing!

These will certainly add a whole new depth to building and fleshing out some awesome looking homes/cities!! :clap:


I want the stuffed spitter! Tasty revenge.


So hyped for modular decorations. Great idea, and opens the door to some really awesome looking builds.


I really like head prop idea! Would be really cool if the prop could be costumizable, would be useful for creepy places building.


Amazing, I actually was wondering how things like curtains and carpets might be dealt with seeing as things need to be 1 block wide.


I think I just came a little!


Love it, I can’t wait to mess around with decorative blocks

One thing I would change is the name of the vegetarian skewer to something like “I can’t kill anything so I’ll just eat plants” skewer :stuck_out_tongue:




Oh my god yes. I cannot wait to build a freaking library!!!


Yes yes and more yes! Great work!


I’m so excited to decorate! It’s going to be like HGTV for Boundless. :joy:


I want them all. My house will not have walking room. You’ll have to grapple your way through. Since this decorations are just too good




Make a house in the shape of a giant skull entirely out of skull blocks.


HALLELUJAH! Those head mounts in the buildings look awesome! That’s what I’ve been waiting for! And those pole extensions is so freaking awesome!!!


You made my day with this post and so many pictures of your drawings.

…stuffed spitter beats it all. :sunglasses:


I don’t think I’ve ever related MORE to such a set of drawings.

Look at this. Look at their faces.

I really feel these. Amazing.


(This is entirely happy and meant well. No insults to be found here)


I do have to say one thing though. I feel like the Mounted Heads should be sort of difficult to get. Like, maybe only hunters can get them and it has to be rare drops/hard to create. They’re super cool, but if they’re everywhere then they won’t be so cool.


My master work