Art: Decorative Props concept art! (Massive post!) 4/13 UPDATED

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I am dying to play this game with you guys !!! As I have said in another post I am a veteran Minecraft player and Boundless is just about everything I have dreamed of as a MC player. I would share some of my builds with you but all of them got erased when a problem with my acct ocured, I had a city inside a tree, a huge castle by, inside and around a volcano, a realm with a castle in the middle and a town sourrounding it, and everything was fortified with a huge wall that had 4 automatic 8x6 gates, my last creation after I got really frustrated with the game is a small little town around my main house, I built it in 3 1/2 hours on creative, but I really got bored with struggling to share my builds with people on forums, here are some screenshots:

By the way, the modular furnishings are a GREAT idea !!! kudos for the developers !!!


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Updated with new concepts!


Verry nice! You should make it so the base can also be placed upside down on the cealing.
My big empty home is existed for the new props and decorations.


These look very good, I like this art allot :slight_smile:
keep it up, you guys are doing awesome work.


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I love some of that art work <3


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Even though I’d rather avoid raising a post like this if I had nothing meaningful to add to it, I can’t deny that my mind is racing at the thought of what crazy things I could do with ladders and all of the things displayed in the OP of this thread.