Minecraft builds


Hera are some screenshots I was able to rescue from my old laptop, I hope you like my builds, this type of ability I will bring to boundless (read bottom comment):

By the way, one thing that would help a lot for big structure building is a type of block that is easily removed (like tree leaves, you remove them with 1 hit or 2 tops) this helps a lot in making scaffolding around and while you are constructing. Just a thought for the devs !!! :slight_smile:

Art: Decorative Props concept art! (Massive post!) 4/13 UPDATED

It looks amazing, really looking forward to seeing what you can do in Boundless!


Hey @LordTiger! I’m a Minecraft veteran myself. You have some impressive looking builds there, they look awesome! As @AnnieGYG said; I’m looking forward to seeing what you can build in Boundless.

The addition of sloped blocks in Boundless opens up the door to so many new possibilities - and you no longer have to make staircase roofing.

As for scaffolding - there are grapples in Boundless, so you can hang from up high, raise and lower yourself as you build. I built most of my current build this way, and it’s a lot of fun. That said, my build is above water, so I’m not sure how much fun it would have been if I’d have died each time I fell…

Anyway, glad to have you around.


Thank you AnnieGYG !!! Look forward to playing with you ! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the praises Pseudonym84 !!!
Yes, the chisel tool is VERY exciting to me, I think I have seen your build above water on some videos people have made, it’s like a big, dark pyramid right?
Another thing I love about Boundless is that landscape has natural proportions, besides being stunningly beautiful, mountains, canyons, lakes, etc. are are as big as they should be.
Maybe the only things I will miss from minecraft are redstone contraptions, but none the less I will be ecstatic with boundless (already am) and I hope to become a good contributor to the game.


Cool builds. Stuff like that is able to fill some nice settlements … but MC itself looks so aweful, I got insta-eye-cancer by looking at your shots :stuck_out_tongue: