Building Empty Buildings In Anticipation Of More Furniture!

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Have you been creating buildings with empty rooms in the hopes of oneday filling up those rooms with furniture and decorations? If so then you are not alone.

What kinds of items would you like to see released to fill up our rooms with?

I’ll start with what I’d truly need.
- Beds in multiple sizes
- Storage that looks like appliances, such as an Icebox or some Cupboards
- Picture Frames (Please copy Minecraft and allow us to display all the items that we can carry.)

It’s your turn, more please, and remember it’s just furnishings for a home.


Someone i cant remember had a brilliant idea of craftable artwork a while back. An in game paint system to create custom paintings, or screenshots, which we can then sell/trade or just decorate our own homes with, would open up a whole world of unlimited original decorations.


That would be amazing. I would totally use that feature and with the possibility of selling original works within the game. This is a must-do idea. :smiley:

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All of the below :smiley:


More, more!! :smiley:

Definitely this. I’d sink hours into this for sure if it were an option.

For other furniture, beds have to be at the top of my list, as to me, house doesn’t quite seem like a home without a bed. Books and bookshelves next. Maybe a jukebox or something of the sort. Definitely a guestbook, if you want to count that as furniture.


We have a few of those concepts still in the pipeline for new furniture! However we are hurriedly working on the farming update just now, so expect some of these in the future at some point!


All my buildings but one (market hall, for obvious reasons) are empty. I on most buildings I keep a lock on the inside to prevent people for opening the doors. I build in medieval style, and I’d really hope that we got more cosmetic wood style items that would go with the medieval theme. So many decorative stuff that I cannot work with is being added but only the fence and beam made of wood and stone are ones I can use.

In general, I would love more natural colors, such as more shades of gray, brown and white (instead of white with purple tint etc. Would love dark white, bright white etc)

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It’s ok, I wasn’t hassling for them (I know these things take time)! I just want them :heart_eyes:


Hurriedly you say…soooooooooo, any mechanics/technical teasers?! I’d like to start a plan :smiley:

Alright, here is a small one:

New Plants will grow when you plant them :ear_of_rice:


Wow, spoiler alert! :<


Yeah I totally would like more decorative items to. As far a cupboards and appliances. What works good is storage blocks with doors on the front. Wood doors for cupboards and metal for appliances. Modular signs for countertops or sides and tops of appliances. I like using crafting tables for a sinks as well.

I wish we could take pictues and put them In the modular signs for pictures on the walls.

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i saw decaying plants concept so i assume they need cuttleturd and water to grow?


Amazing. That is really awesome to hear. :smiley: With the farming update on the horizon things are looking exciting for the summer. :smile:

Waterblocks, lamps, rugs, short lawn, different mailbox styles, glass that merges when place near each other to hide the lines, railings, pets, ladders, benches, path lighting, tables,


My #1 is bookshelves and as a bonus are writable
Books we can use to fill up the bookshelf. Ahhh building multiple libraries would be soo much fun!!! squeels

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You mean like placing your own stories and tales into books for the library that you’ll build us!? Very exciting!! I love it. :smile:

more like personal libraries. the kind you collect boots for an keep at your house

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Please make stuff our size and usable :blush: