Art: Decorative/Hanging/Unique Props and Beams! [BIG POST]

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I have been hard at work with the decorative props.

Hanging Props

Decorative Props

And finally a concept of how the hanging props might look with the beams (With sneak preview of the unique beams!)

*some concepts may have hanging prop locator offsets

Weekly Dev Update: 2017 October 6th to November 10th - 6 Weeks of Rage and Focus
Wall Hangings
Real life items
Future of the game directed @James

These are amazing and can’t wait to see these in game.


Would rather add to the game)


Very excited about this. When can we see this?


ask @willcrutchley :joy:


As far as I’m aware, these aren’t in the game files yet.


Very nice love these concepts, now for the wait to get these awesome things in game. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to use that bookshelf everywhere!


absolutely gorgeous


that wine is made out of well aged dark blood I suppose?

what barrels would be best for ageing such product? lustrous, twisted or ancient?

depending on which one you use you get Lustrous Wine (clear, light and crispy), Twisted Wine (that one would make you quite loopy, bad trip if you drink too much) and Ancient Wine (gets aged right away:joy: no need to wait)


These look amazingly awesome as always Minyi! :star_struck:


awesome work… very cool… any chairs and tables yet? it kind of would suck to have great props and have these blocky tables and chairs…


Hi, these are some great concepts. Really liking the some of those decorative/furniture props especially. I added all these to my archive of stuff.

Also, although I’ve been lacking time for these past few months, I plan on migrating the archive to a more stable site where images can be found more easily, perhaps using a tagging/attributes system. Does anybody have any recommendations? I would love for this to become a more easily accessible resource for the Boundless community.


Awesome work, I especially like the gleam star.


This stuff looks sick, keep it up guys!


Looks AWESOME :slight_smile: keep up the Good Work.


Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: It was a delight working on these!


Will we be seeing any of these WONDERFUL props in game soon? I want to decorate my house sooooo much! :grin:


These look amazing! Cant wait to build a new home just to decor it with all these things. Thank you to whomever took the time to make these.


Any idea when we can expect to see these kinds of decorations in-game?