Art: Decorative/Hanging/Unique Props and Beams! [BIG POST]

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no ide but it will be a nice touch to have


yes please, and thank you.


beautiful work (love the lantern :heart:)


We need this asap, houses look dull and full with machinery and work benches :frowning:


I need those lanterns in my life! Love love love these concepts! Keep em coming boss!


Um…yes. yes to it all, especially those hanging spitters. …I’ll be set if you add a cuttletruck or too as well. I need to hang them all over my build to send the live ones a message.


looks amazing! i hope you guys add lots of props to decorate with, it would be cool if some of them are functional to use as storage. also how do the devs feel about chairs? :wink:


It may have been mentioned but can the totems be stackable ? :slight_smile:


Like this? :smile:


I want all of this. :slight_smile:


I have not seen this and now i have and super excited :slight_smile:


Do we have any kind of rough schedule for these additions? I know 90% II f the effort right now is going towards stabilizing the game.


Uhm when can we have this stuff? I want to spend more video game time being an interior designer!!!


i have yet to comment on any post so let this one be my first yes to all of the above we really do need decorative items i see alot of home builds i’m sure the owners would love this amazing job devs <3


100%. These looks incredible! :smiley:





I need that hanging Spitter and trophies for every other monster. :pray:


Eh, the only thing I see and need are the Banners and bookshelves. Mostly the Bookshelves. I would happily turn the upstairs of my shop into a Library if I could.


These are all excellent! This is the kind of content that will really bring depth to the Boundless experience and make me want to continue playing :grin:


I want those hanging lanterns!!!

Edit: Darnit, this is a necro post . . .