Art: Mannequin concept art

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Hello I am still here. Have some mannequin concept art. This is to attach your favourite wearables and armour or just use as huggy companions for your homes.


Ha, customizable heads are a nice touch! Looks awesome


How hard are they to make? Like how much time? I hope that at the very least you will make a male and a female mannequin (different body proportions) and IF POSSIBLE. One of each race (if they are very visually different) i’m really not sure if that is too much work but i assume some wearables might look “better” (subjectively) on some races rather than on others. Unless they have roughly the same body proportions. in which case atleast a female and a male mannequin is still true.

They look awesome btw. really like the idea of different heads.


Looking forward to having an army of these with head 3 hiding in little nooks and crannies around my home.

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Haha these look really cool! I love the look of the materials used as well.

Will they be for your personal wearables only, or can we use them as shop mannequins as well? Obviously not wanting people to be able to just take stuff off them without paying :wink:


I really like 1 and 3

Yeah was also wondering about this. Would it be possible to go over to a mannequin and “inspect” the items on it? (i think it might be a bit tricky to allow direct sale since its pretty much 5 - 6 plinths in one. Though i love the idea)

I could easily imagine making a store with a mannequin in full armor and then on the plinths behind it were one of each armor part. That would be so sweet.

EDIT: or maybe like fable 3

basically you can click on the mannequin which will then allow you to see how some or all of the gear would look on yourself. that way you wouldnt need to make multiple different mannequins of genders and races but would still allow people to check out a cool armor.


Yep, that’s what I was imagining too! And it’s already possible with this design :smiley:. Can’t wait.


That’s really cool! I wasn’t expecting we’d have mannequins in this game, but it’s good to see we now have a way to display our armor and such. I’ll add the concept art to the collection.

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