Art: Decorative Props Concept (cont)

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Hellooo. Time for some more update on the decorative stuff!

Continuing on from the first forum post on the decorative props exploration - we’ve looked into expanding more on the look of bespoke detailed pieces to help bling up your homes.

There’s a plan now to look into more lego-like approach for decorative designs, like decorative blocks and slabs to allow for more flexibility of placement, as many people now are constructing tables and chairs out of existing blocks. We’re also thinking of looking into the decal system for more surface detail designs.

For now, this is an exploration for items you obviously can’t construct easily out of blocks.

Real life items
Weekly Dev Update: 2017 July 21st, 28th, August 4th - Slope Chisel, Square Chisel, and maybe Bevel Chisel and more!

Nice! Love these concept art posts



5 rows down 4 in. Is that a mirror?


Probably note board, I think mirrors are a bit expensive to develop properly and also can have performance issues.

Wow, those are awesome, I like how we will be able to add little touches here and there to break up room designs!


Hadn’t really decided what it is. But that’s a good idea! Originally it started off as some display frame but it’s up in the air atm.


Maybe we could put single item in those, that would be interesting :smiley:


Well than we need still beating spitter hearts for @Pseudonym84 to dsplay.




12 types of colorful spitters on a wall - OMG!
collector’s heaven


I guess that oortian mask will serve the good purpose of creating a scarecrow. That way I can scare out the lava into finally being my friend. Ehm… I meant the wildstocks, we used to be friends.


The all look amazing! I really like the look of that hanging lantern … if we could get an actual light in that it would be ultra cool!

@Dzchan94 probably not a wise idea to try and befriend the wildstock with that mask, while standing right next to the roasting wildstock :joy:


So much awesome! Along with poles and all the other decor and even a lego-style system? I want all of them pleaseeee!


Hey where’s that video HUH


nervous laughter heh… :sweat:
I can’t find a good embarrassed emote, lol. I’ll get on it! :grimacing:


Is that the new barbecue feature leak ? Oh god can’t wait to get those Wildstock nuggets ^o^


Spitter on a spit. Classic.

Those Cuttlepunks look tasty too. I hear there are only three chefs in the Boundless universe that can properly prepare Hopper meat. It’s a rare delicacy that explodes in the faces of 1/3 that try it.


Definitely what came to my mind


I’d imagine eating hopper is the equivalent to eating fugu/blowfish here. 90% or something being not edible and highly toxic, the 10% being a rare delicacy few have the bravery to enjoy.


what about chests? or passcodes or keys for doors? so only certain people can get into stuff


Hey where’s that video HUH