Art: Decorative Props Concept (cont)

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Renderiinnnnnnnngggg…so much editing in this one :sweat: it’ll be up soon :bow:


Thanks for the support you wonderful people, you :relaxed: and goodnight!


awesome @Scratchnwiff


gimme more videos! you should be the boundless show host (game host) @Scratchnwiff

most people have an odd or annoying voice or they scream, you : perfect


Thank you so much @Cloud-Strife! It really means a lot to me and I’ll try not to be so lazy :sweat_smile:


youre very welcome, where are your coordinates for your home? someone told me previously you like ffvii as well @Scratchnwiff


id like to find where your build is lol @Scratchnwiff


Haha I don’t really have any specific build really… I made the exterior of Jade next to the bath house in Elop Portas and worked with @Pseudonym84 on the cathedral (his design) on the island along with some of this and that. The cathedral on the island and the market beneath along with the pillar were kind of symbolic of Aerith’s/Aeris’ church, the pillar, lifestream and the slums below lol. Been in concept for months but finally seeing it come to life :smile:


so where can I see you play @Scratchnwiff


youre like the one person I haven’t ran into on boundless and people say youre on all teh time, id like to give a proper hello lol @Scratchnwiff


Added these concepts to the props section in the archive.


Just saw the hanging spitter and thought it could be really cool to have hides/skins/furs on poles to create doors. Like a tent flap for caves and such.


lips no good to much muscles in it
dont know how i ended up here was looking whats
cutlepunks seen @AmandaPan playing boundless cuttlepunks on discord researched what it was :smile:


Pretty sure she just renamed her boundless in steam, and discord thinks its the actual name.


oh okz didnot know thats possible thanks will


I changed the name in Discord. It’s really easy, you just go to settings > games and any application that isn’t “verified” can be changed.


cool thanks for the info


Ah, ok. I didn’t know about that :joy: