Art: 'Stickers' Concept Art

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Hey guys!

Been doing some quick work on potential ‘sticker’ concepts, which are essentially painted on decorations you could add onto voxels. These are just a proposal for now, and would be nice to hear what people think. There’s potential for them to utilise special materials too, which has a bit of animation in it like you see in the oort shard. Would be nice to be able to stack and layer them up to create a unique design.

Feel free to share more ideas as this is still just up in the air and brainstorming.

Other example ideas are: bathroom sign, fire exit, musical notes, guild emblems, tiling patterns to allow players to create assortment of different designs depending on placement (like those terracotta blocks in Minecraft), player’s tag, spider webs…


  1. Curtain/drapes, paint splatters (bloodstainscough), arrows, blank poster sheet that could potentially have another sticker layer stuck on it, glyphs, bullet holes?, fancy gleam rocks, cloth strips, table cloths, fried egg.

  2. Glow in the dark stars, planets, character face emojis

  3. Cave paintings/engravings - mix and match, double up different layers of stickers of characters and creatures to create your own cave wall story.

  4. More drape designs, animated aquarium/bubble window, dart board, clouds

  5. Machine/cyberpunky theme extensions, glowing glyph alphabets.


The glyphs in particular are especially awesome, and something I’d love in-game. I’ve seen a lot of people writing in English, but I prefer Oortish, and to write anything currently you have to do so on a large scale. Those symbols would be soo useful.

That said, I’m wondering how these would work with rendering at distance and performance? I guess that’s something for you guys to work out, but I do love the idea of added detail.

I was of the opinion that much like Minecraft, the game would perhaps suffer from too much detail, and lose it’s block-like quality, but having built many structures, I now feel they’d benefit from added clutter and detailing. There’s this odd feeling once you finish something that all you really created was an empty space.

TLDR; You rock @Minyi. Moar!


Love everything I see here it bringes some life to the blocks =)


You’re giving us the option to express ourselves even more? Yes please! The glowing runes, engraved alphabets, animated stickers, guild emblems… definitely my favourite ones :slight_smile: Especially if they all have bump mapping, heh.

If there were some that added a bit of grunge, rust, or general dirt we could use them to make things look old/aged?

Oh, and yes to the fried egg!


This is something that I want in my life, yes please.


Will we be able to use customised ones? Thining about custom Guild Glyphs.

Are you guys planning to have a whole ‘Stickers’ collection system, where you can craft basic ones, but have to find rarest ones in Special Places? And maybe a feat with X out of Y different stickers found? Or even more with a whole panel to see everyone discovered (I don’t know I have sum ideas)


I agree with @treyvoni. My thoughts are “yes, absolutely yes”.


Loving it! This is definitely something the game needs.


Awesome Concept, i think the amount of details and layering would add a nice touch to an otherwise empty or bland room… Example: My Empty Soon to be Storage Room


This is how i felt as well @Pseudonym84, very much indeed.


Yeah! This is a really good idea. I can see loads of uses for these, especially if you can overlay them on top of one another.

Seeing the banners etc in number 4 would look cool if you could overlay the guild glyphs on them (and maybe change the colours of them as well!).

The planets would be cool if they actually represented the planets you can see in the sky! Imagine mapping out the star system on your building wall - that would be really cool!

I think these would ideal to be individually discoverable rewards for explorers finding one of the 50 locations on a planet … it would give you a reason to go looking for the locations and remember where they are (and trade location markers for those places!) … find a location, unlock a new decal!


ahh the water ones and the star ones just made my day. awesome work. these will be very useful.


I don’t got much to say, just, yes please.


OMG YES I cannot wait for these! The glyphs and cave paintings and “paint” splatters and glowy stars and that fried egg! My favorites are the ones that come as a bunch of …modules? components? little bits that we can stick together to make things as we like.

Here’s a handful of other random ideas because I was bored on the ride home from work:

NASA has been making these really pretty exoplanet travel posters and giving them out at conferences:

Every time I see them at work I start thinking of stupid slogans for the Boundless worlds. It would be an amazing reward to get things like that for exploration :smiley:


I like the curtains, frames and paintings :smiley: especially the ones that can have volume on them for deeper decoration feeling.


i have idea but dont know how lol
so when i want to cover up a ugly wall with a facade and mike like windows or big doors
somesticker to fill in opening so you dont see wall im covering

sorry for the english hahah

More window and door designs are actually currently underway in concepting!


thanks for the fast reply
one more idea market portals workshop street and arrow sign or could be symbols to
ill try and draw some if i find time

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You had me at;

Though additional window (glass) blocks have been highly requested for quite a while. I’d also love new doors. It only seems fitting that we should be able to craft wood, stone, metal and perhaps even gleam and gem doors.