Art: 'Stickers' Concept Art

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This gets me thinking. Can we have decals that go on over glass and ditch the need for the metal border? Maybe a way to break up the shape of the block some, like the grout in stained glass windows? I feel like creative use of decals might could remedy some the issues with glass blocks.


I sure do like the sound of decals on windows, even if simply to remove some of the repetition when using glass on a large scale.

The problem with removing the border was already addressed by @jesshyland though;

And if decals were optional, glass without the decals would still require some indication of glass - not just thin air.

That said, pigeons fly into my windows all the time - stupid birds. I’d love nothing more than to see a Spitter charge full tilt into a plain glass window.


if you could put a sticker over the storage boxes, for instance a sticker that looks like drawers so it looks like a dresser, or even a fridge sticker to put over storage boxes.


You can already put a door on your storage blocks. Bit of variation in door types and you have your fridge :wink:


I guess I never tried putting a door there lol @Stretchious

and speaking of glass, can it not have an outline around a whole glass piece? for instance, if you had a 6x6 of glass, could the outline only be around the 6x6?


I, for one, can promise I’d run smack into an invisible 6x6 pane and get myself a concussion to go with my general derpiness xD

I think part of the concern is griefing along those lines, and the other part is the technical business of disappearing borders?

Edit: here’s a comment from @jesshyland in that thread that pseudo linked:


Oh boy, my apologies for opening Pandora’s glass box. I know full well the stated reasons why glass is the way it currently is- it’s been a topic of interest for me for years! I was simply pondering the possibility of decals as an option to help make glass more interesting and less boxy.


It would be awesome to find “cave paintings” Randomly in caves and be able to Harvest/collect them to use somewhere else.

I love the idea of all of these and hope they do get added, and soon.


New request: lots of basic shapes (lines & squares & arrows & that upside-down-raindrop you-are-here thing) that can be layered, so we can make reasonably scaled city maps in game?


Stickers based on the Feats - maybe the final strata of each chain rather than every single one - could be fun & useful. Guilds (and anyone with large egos) could have trophy walls listing the great achievements that individuals have completed. Make sure they are animated like the beautiful Oort shards and I’ll start collecting mine!



i think a good portion of the things shown are a waste of time. we dont need gimmicky stuff like blood splatters and bullet holes. we really dont need a limited selection of stuff to tell cave stories either.

practical ones are a good idea. arrows, symbols that represent useful things in the game such as portals and machines, and even the glowing glyphs.

i dont see a point in the glowing planets, whats the point of having such a beautiful sky in the game and being able to see planets if youre instead just going to stare at some on the ceiling.
the only real use for them that i could see would be to make a map, and since we dont have actual constellations in the game that serve any sort of purpose, anything other than a ‘‘which planets can connect to which’’ use of them seems pretty pointless.

please dont get me wrong, i love to decorate things, i could show you my warframe account stuff or from vindictus and youd think i had an obsession, but Boundless isnt those games. Not only is it a different type of game, but its also very very young in comparison. I think that most of the players would agree that functional additions to the game would be more appreciated than stickers that serve no purpose other than to decorate the stuff we create that once created is often forgotten.

My personal opinion, would be that IF you were adamant about adding in stickers to the game, that they should be stickers we could place on our characters as well. At least in that way we get some form of real customization to our characters and they have a use beyond just ‘being there in case you decide to look at them’, as they would travel with you and could be used to help identify you or simply add your own unique personality to the very limited selection of characters we have available.


If you add something like this then you should give the playerbase a way to create custom stickers. Maybe each person can have ONE unique sticker per account that they can somehow design in the game. I know this would be a ton of programming and ui work but it could be both fun and very practical. Lets say that we wanted to use all of the stickers you have shown above, using them we could build maps on walls inside our compounds or houses that show who and what is where, and to identify that we could use the individuals sticker. They would need to be tradable i guess and locked behind beacon privileges.

For example, if I wanted to build a map showing where jeffs planetary travel center thing is relative to my build, i could have him give me one of his stickers then place that on my map/wall to show the direction and approximate distance.

For this though, we would need river, lake, pond, mountain, glacier, desert, and canyon stickers too.

As for the custom stickers, they could simply be combinations of stickers placed by the player to create a design on a template that then turns the design into a single sticker.

We might also need the ability to type out words and have them used as stickers as well, that way if i dont konw jeffro and have never met him due to conflicting play times but i do know he is the leader of that settlement i could simply type out his name and plaster that on the map in the respective area.

if we have the custom stickers, we could also use those to like, sign documents. Anything like this would be well out into the future, but it would be nice if there were ‘hiring’ and ‘procurement’ contracts that we could ‘write’ up in game and give to people.

Such as ‘Hire this player to farm 100 oort shards in exchange for 500 coin’ (by write up i mean check boxes in a predetermined format, and fill in numerical values) then sign it with our personal sticker. Once the contract is given to the hired player, they can go to work and once they finish their job the inventory and coin are automatically moved to the correct accounts and no further action is needed (meaning we dont have to meet up and trade). Perhaps even a kiosk to build if simply auto swapping the items isnt acceptable. The player could bring the signed contract to the kiosk and swap there.

im getting to far into suggestion and ideas i think, but as you can see id rather there be uses for the stickers than simply ‘to decorate things no one is going to look at’.


hey for maps we just need cubed stickers that line match like plots
maybe some with an + and L shape for roads
and then ones with the stones on it most used on that plot
leaves and trees
portalsymbols shopsymbols …
could be easy simple plan fo a village and adjustable
a 4th of a block scale could be on the floor placed to

and if we go all perfect a way of taking a plot snapshot from above for the plan stickers


You can use the moon to build a map in the scale 1:1 of starter world :slight_smile:


can you zoom in then not following completly?


Sorry, it was a joke.

If you build something in scale 1:1, you got a copy.


lol now i feel stupid hahahaahah


Maps would be pretty easy to implement, as all the code for a minimap is there, just make it static!


some old stuff that would still be nice to see :smiley: but maybe its done all ready who knows :smiley:


These are EPIC :open_mouth:


I love all of them :heart_eyes: As a fellow artist I’d like to congratulate all artists involved with Boundless. You’ve done an amazing job with the whole style of the game and these are simply beautiful. Sometimes keeping art basic and simple is the most effective.