Art: Ladder/Climbable surface concept

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Hello forum! Some ladder concepts for you to enjoy. Ladder designs with intrusions into the block will likely not be used. There were some concerns with some of the ladders looking like fences and totems.

Ladder blocks. (Why winding stairs are over-rated.)
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You know with this game needs

3 and 7 are definitely my favorites!

These are really interesting takes on ladders overall :smiley:. I’m curious to know the reason behind 9 and 10 having rocks tied together as the steps.


Awesome I’m liking the look of most of them! I think they would all pretty much fit well within the game!



As for the rocks – it probably came from the idea of climbing rocks.


i love the ladder that looks like holes has been punched into stone.

i know this is alot of work but i think it would be awesome if the different races has different ‘‘styles’’ of building which can be learned by other races too (kinda like eso) forexample in terms of ladders the rock people just punched holes into the rocks, a monkeylike race (if there) might use vines while another race that is more brain than brawn might use something way more scifi looking.


I really like that idea - I think in doing it this way as well, it would promote trade between people.

You could probably do it so that the native way of doing something would be slightly cheaper in resources than it would be for someone that had learned it outside of their own race style. It would essentially be a racial benefit, but would stick to the ethic of anyone can learn to build anything (albeit at a slightly increased resource requirement).

Actually, that would need to be incorporated into my crafting site, so maybe not haha!


Something along the lines of ESO

This would be more work which is why i am cautious to suggest it. however as it is known i heavily believe that crafting should take time and dedication, having to learn recipes which are dropped would be a great way of doing that.


Perhaps they don’t need to be- simply allow stacked stair blocks to be climbed like a ladder instead?


Or simply ad a ladder which is a thick as a wall block, which have said intrusion :slight_smile:


Love 14 as it could also be used for rope bridges, and the one marked " weird" because it would make great lattice.


I think I’ve picked my favourite at last … I actually like 13 quite a lot (even though you labelled it with ‘No’ when looking at it like a fence), this is closely followed by 12 and then 4.


Damn, I liked the ones with intrusions the most :anguished:
Beside the ones with intrusions I think that 6/12 and look the most “Boundlessly”

Now that´s a good idea :+1:


the red boxed ladder = i like it

or in numbers 1 & 3

and here 5,7,8,13,14,15

I hope you will add multiple versions of the ladders so that you can take the version that best matches for the environment


These are awesome! I like pretty much all of them!

However, 10 seems pretty dangerous; you’d be likely to pinch your fingers between rocks! (but 9 is cool!)


10 looks like a climbing grip used for bouldering

And I´ve never managed hurt myself with such a piece :wink:


But the rocks are pressing up against one another; if your grip were to slip down the side of one, wouldn’t your hand potentially be smushed between two rocks? Assuming you’re gripping a rock, which seems like what you’d naturally do there


Oh dang, I looked at the numbers of @Saint_X s Post :sweat_smile:
Yeah that one definitely looks dangerous.


Those all looks so good! Even though we can’t have ladders that have intrusions, do you think it would be possible to have climbable blocks in the future? I would really love to have a lot of surfaces be climbable, some naturally occurring, so that you could do rock climbing and such.
For the current designs though, I think it would be neat if we could have at least one “natural” ladder, and another “man made” (in the future of course. Just give us one ladder for now.) having different kinds of ladders would be great for building and landscaping, as it would allow you to maintain functionality, while still holding to a theme. You wouldn’t see a pristine new ladder sitting in the middle of the jungle, or in an ancient temple for example…


You’ve obviously not been climbing hard enough boy! You should have snapped your tendons at least 3 times by now… :frowning:


i have as hobby indoor climbing ^^ i know how hard climbing can be ^^