Perhaps with Atlases we can have a more zoomed in view and perhaps a depth meter of some kind to tell you how far down you have to dig to find the resources you’ve inserted into the Atlas? I’m suggesting a zoom much more close up than holding the mouse button. That would be very helpful.

Also, ladders. Ladders would make my Boundless life 1000x better.


There have been a few discussions about depth on atlases. The premace of the atlas originally was to show you roughly where to go, but to make it vague so that you would still need some knowledge of where specifically to go in that area in terms of altitude.

Having zoom could possibly undermine this too. Why did you want zoom anyway? To zoom into the map itself? The map is pretty low resolution, so I don’t think it would help all that much

In terms of ladders, they are planned ( make sure to search for things before suggesting them )

I know searching for things before suggesting them is a good idea but the database is huge. I’d rather spend the time playing your wonderful game. :slight_smile:

I will have a look at how to search for things in the database though. (Are boats planned?)

Oh, looks like they are.

Or if not planned, at least suggested. I think this is a good suggestion. Boats would be amazing.

Stuff that is planned will be in some Dev category. Anything else will just have been suggested. Additionally developers have a little shield after their name in the forums.
Nvm, that’s only some of them. They have developer under their name

boats would be cool, yes, but they wouldn’t be as useful as in games like minecraft.
minecraft can have MASSIVE oceans that you really do need a boat to cross.

the Boundless planets are actually quite small, you can circumnavigate an entire planet in less than 30 minutes depending on terrain so the bodies of water can’t really be big enough to really warrant needing a boat.

Plus the only planet with a lot of water is Septerfon and the oceans/lakes are not nearly as expansive as those in minecraft.

There is another reason boats are not such a great idea other than the lack of a need for them in Boundless. All water you see is small enough you can swim across. Sometimes it’s actually too shallow to swim and you end up wading. As it is, it will take a very long time before you get the feat that rewards the most points for swimming distance. Add in boats and nobody will ever get the feat.

I never played Minecraft and have no desire to do so. However, I’m guessing the boats there just kind of magically appear where you want them and are mechanical. In Boundless it’s more like life. It wouldn’t be mechanical as you would have to manufacture all the parts yourself after gathering the materials. Then you would transport this boat without cars or trucks. Essentially, we put everything in our backpack as it is. So, it would have to be small and foldable. The only way I could see that is if we had something like a friend of mine invented and made. He was a nuclear engineer retired from the Navy and invented a kayak that weighed something like 7 pounds and folded up where you could carry it in your backpack while backpacking. It was awesome and tough enough for shooting rapids in Montana. Those I could see in Boundless. However, the swimming feat would be history.

boats sound good :slight_smile:

I don’t know about boat’s but if we were to steal anything from minecraft it should be the Carts… I had so much fun laying tracks and using minecarts…


Carts and track are great fun.
Epsilo has large bodies of water too! The biggest I have seen in boundless. With some underwater homes.

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Well then you know what they need to do right? Add a water planet! :smiley:

that would certainly increase the need!
I am definitely not against them! :blush:

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Underwater homes sound amazing.

Like the movie water world

If you’re aiming for a water planet, can we pleeeeease change either the glowing brews or the floating foods to give you underwater breathing or longer breath respectively?

I like the idea of water breathing brews.