So i’ve seen a post long ago about ladders and they are even in the game files but with no texture.
Im just wondering if anyone know anything new about them?


The answer I keep getting is that certain chiseled surfaces will be at some point “climbable” which would be amazing :star_struck:


that would be awesome


What more do you know? Spill it, Jiivita, spill it. The spoilers law enforcement asks you for more info :smirk:.


I “think” everything I know is public information :thinking: … It’s just that some bits are more public than others :stuck_out_tongue:


What Oortian Farm world do we live in?! :joy:


Can we skip ladders and go for elevator blocks?


I totally support this! <3


Even in virtual space we don’t want to take the stairs. :thinking:


I am not sure how I feel about that, While yes it is alot better then simply not having something that functions as a ladder, I would very much prefer it, if this involved a new block, or something that can be crafted to placed onto the block to change it, or anything else that was new

I feel the same systems are being reused just a tad too much, And therefore I would prefer to see it isolated from the chisel system. I also really don’t want to see this become apart of the forge system on top of it all, if they decide to make this function part of a boon.

So while I am not against it being apart of the chisel system. I feel that would be quite mundane and dull when compared to creating a new block or something else.


They do have designs for ladders so it’s not like chiselling blocks will be the only way to have ladders, we are just asking for both :slight_smile: