What turns you off playing Boundless?


I had ~80 hours of fun with the old system. Now, the new system is just trying to slow me down. It feels like the game is going to free to play, and there is a button somewhere “make progress 500% faster for 5€/hour”.
Digging takes hours instead of minutes. Beaconspace is limited to such small areas, that you are not even trying to build smth bigger.
All in all i am pretty dissapointed. It feels like for the same things like before, you need to add * 10 time, which means 800 hours of gametime instead of 80 hours while the fun gets to a solid level of zero.


I stumbled upon something that starts to turn me off now that i got a deeper understanding of the game and try to be more involved in the community.

And that are people reserving the best plots in every major city and never build anything on it.
There are 3 names i stumble upon in almost every major city who own very good spots that are empty. (At least since August when i started)

Just to be clear: I’m not talking about landscape preservation. I talk about empty soil dumps.

And I’m not talking about someone wanted to start a build and got distracted by real life. I’m talking about individuals that show up in a lot of cities and reserve plots that they never use for some reason.


Yeah I seem some of that and am frustrated. But sometimes I know a lot of us have plans to do stuff in places that we have reserved but haven’t been able to get it done because of other projects that are still in the works.

Also I know sometimes in some areas the city doesn’t grow more so you shift your focus on work on plots you have that are in cities that are expanding and not as dead.

I do think we are going to see this no matter what. But, I have seen plots not being used and talked to the person. Sometimes they turn them over and other times they explain what they wanted to do there and either I help them or they start working on it sooner.

We really need a communication system so we can talk with players like through mail and not signs…


Totally agree… in-game mail would help here. I also think that this should be considered when developing the guild/city permissions/specialty beacons; this feels like a specific case of “,joined a group build and didn’t follow the group build goals//asthetic like everyone else” which some people get around by beaconing everything and using permissions until the first structure goes up. In the current world, this gets super plot heavy… I’m out of plots just running the roads for Elara and I use a grid which leaves us open to this.

On the flip side, the Elarian plots in Munteen’s Paradise took us about 2 weeks as we were newbs opening our first portal. Fortunately @142857 was a patient neighbor. Sometimes is just takes a bit too get started. Balancing this whole thing will be challenging.


WTB Ladders :stuck_out_tongue:


Try chiseling one :stuck_out_tongue:

Art: Ladder/Climbable surface concept

Actually… can you make it so that blocks chiseled in a certain way, become a ladder so you can climb a vertical surface… that would be awesome!




But can you climb it?


lol no… but that would be an awesome way to make ladders… minus the need for a titanium chisel with chisel mastery O.o


That’s an expensive ladder lol


I am really enjoying this game! Definitely has been awesome following it for quite a long time! The only thing that drives me crazy is spending hours trying to find a single player. Hopefully some of that will be remedied at release. I get lonely…


come to therka market moebius plaza
and aquatopia you find alot off players running around there and theres free houses and a place to put shops
a real social place :smile:
today i gonna get more than 100players passing there using the portals
if ya got a cool build we provide portal spots to


hey i saw you plotted the hole wall in my market place could you keep it 2wide not the hole wall this spot is made for shops not houses and if you take the hole wall no other people can join :smile:
and i cant expand anymore
tell me when you online so we can meet


I first rage quit after things turned out more grindy. In the end what made me lost interest was the lack of variety in the game, especially on the combat side. Building stuff is fun but if there’s nothing else to do it gets boring.

Another thing that has been bothering me is the skill system. I feel like the skill system limits the player too much. Fun thing about sandbox games is the freedom that you have. There are many activities that you can do so you don’t get bored. The skill system forces you to grind for levels to access content. It feels like it works more against you than for you. There are already limiting factors such as rarity of materials for crafting that make crafting higher tier stuff hard. Further limiting that with skills seems unnecessary.

Rubber banding and other server lag issues really make it hard to play and drives me absolutely crazy. I hope that the new amazon C2 instances are better and fix these problems. At least performance is much better than before.


Not being able to chat in game. I may be doing something wrong or just don’t know, but I see no options for chat channels. “T” doesn’t seem to do much as I have never seen anyone on to test.


You should be able to chat unless if there’s some bug with your client. When you press the chat button, it is hard to see the cursor especially on light backgrounds. Just try pressing the chat button and type something.


I have no issue seeing the chat. The issue is no one ever chats back when I say things like " Hello is anyone online?"


Chat is limited to players in your area, there is a skill that increases the radius but is still in your general vicinity.


It’s 100 blocks range for chatting. Without the shout skill that is.