Ladder blocks. (Why winding stairs are over-rated.)


I propose a craftable block that has a built-in ladder for climbing, that way the player can make a direct vertical ascent or descent. This would be great for mining and building towers.


Luke on steam forums

“You can make visual ladders with a chisel but they don’t act like a ladder currently. We will do it at some point in the future we hope.”


wow. how deep did you have to dig to find that lol. Props to you for locating that. and no cake for me for rehashing an old topic.


I just remember it being mentioned about a year ago. Plus I just searched ladders.


all good man!
we get new players all the time asking for things or suggesting things that have been discussed at great lengths :joy:
I totally agree though!
those stairs make me dizzy after 2 flights. i have to look down and just sidestep. up right down left up right down left up right down left… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh wow that post -is- old, that stuff was talked about in the old java engine!


Yeah ladders are great

My suggestion in thread where you could suggest one thing.

I think potential for having one block climbable vertical connection opens up a lot design space.


If there are concerns for the ladders being confused with other things such as fencing or totems, what about introducing scalable vines or energy lifts?
With vines, you could
a) craft vine infused blocks, like stone covered in vine, or gleam covered in vine, maybe using foliage as an ingredient
b) craft vines that can be placed horizontally or vertically on any block, but may only be climbed vertically.

With energy lifts, you could set up a sending block that sends the player upwards by changing gravity, and a receiving block that ensures that the gravity field is contained. The min space apart would be 3 blocks with nothing in between, and max could be up to like 50. While explaining this I am slightly picturing halo that incorporates blue energy stuff to send players a certain direction, essentially a launch pad. But anyway with these lifts you could alter the strength or speed of the field using gems. Each gem could change the gravity field color, field length, as well as the speed at which it transports you. The only downfall to this idea is that you would need multiple elevators shafts for multiple levels of a building. There would not be an efficient way to choose which floor to fly up to, unless the vertical travel was slow enough that a player could walk out of the field to whichever floor they desired.

I’m not sure if either of these ideas have been suggested, I looked around a bit and found a post about a telekinesis cube, but not anything else :+1:


I like the energy lift concept. Sure could save me some climbing as I build in mountains a lot - a lot of vertical spaces. And the pure idea of such a lift sounds fun. :sunglasses: