Art: Ladder/Climbable surface concept

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i love 4 and 6 they are different and pretty cool :smile:


I like that ladders revealed that we have at least 3 people who like to boulder on this forum :grin:
I love climbing myself, which is why I’m more biased towards the “ladders” that looks like rock climbing holds XD


1 3 and 7 are really cool


I agree that all are great ideas but the ones labeled weird I find the most interesting.


i can haz all plz :shard:


@Minyi your my favorite.


I like them all besides 10 and 15 in the first section, and the ones labeled no and weird can be left out as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I see an climbing gym as new attraction in my Town. It’s geting busy


3 and 7 looks the best imo, the one with like 20 rocks in it confuses me XD


I love #3 and #7. How do you guys make this incredible stuff?


The special ingredient is babies.


You say ingredients like it’s for eating. It’s a ladder, not a sandwich!


Maybe the Oort ate ladders instead of sandwiches.


Plot twist!


3 / 7 !

But looks like they need different materials to build them?


so in this pic did i have my favorites so i loved number 5,7,10,12 and the king of all 13
in this i dident have as much favorites but i liked 5,8 i loved all the weird ones thoe they dont even look weird why does it say weird explain plz. they are the most boundless looking


Nice!! I Kinda like the fact that the are all SO different seems to me there should be multiple cultural ones!


I love the ones with rope the best!:heart_eyes_cat:


Where is the design that looks like a ladder? I normally like the concept art you guys churn out, but I do not care for any in this set as ladders. Some of them are cool to look at, though. Also, with grappling hooks, why is there really a need for a ladder? Keep at it!


The Grappling hooks will most likely be nerfed and/or more difficult to be obtained than they are now. So ladders will be essential for lower level players.
Also they look good and give nuances to builds.