Release 199: New Decorative Props, Server Optimisation and Fixes!


The drop rate for flint is balanced around 1-shotting rocks.

I regularly go mining and come back with 300+ flint, all from just max luck and smashin’ rocks.

In a few levels with max mining skills you’ll be bringin’ back 3,000 rocks after a mining trip and that’s a TON of flint.

You don’t need THAT much flint in the early stages either I’d say.

That said, they could update the game guide to explain that some more, or encourage people to explore biomes more. I believe you when you say you landed in an area with no flint, it must have sucked. :frowning:


When looking at planets (with totem out, for example) - the game displays various markers (players, settlements, etc). After this update, it shouldn’t slow down the game as much when looking at planets with markers.

The caveat is that: sometimes markers may display briefly on top of terrain you’re looking at. Specifically: if you’re looking at a planet, but half of the planet is obscured by a tree (occluded), markers may show up “in front” of the tree for a while, before fading out


I agree. Scarcity early in the game is part of progression. You will be running out of room for all of your flint by mid-game if you do any mining. If you don’t mine, you will have to buy mined materials. This seems reasonable.


Will grapple skill effect fist dmg now??


CHAIR AND TABLE HYPE! now all we need is a fireplace, beds and other various decorations :slight_smile:


And functional ladders! Hehe.


You prefer to use the stone age tech to grind is ur choice.
However u don’t want others use better way to grind as well.
If i really like to use axe to mine, should i asking the hammer nerf too ?

Also if Devs nerf bomb mining it will damage market even more lol
Now Advance power coils (except diamond one) only cost you like 11000 - 13000$ on some shops.
After the nerf of bomb mining the price will go up to 20000$ or even higher due to the difficulty to gather gems.
Forge gear will be more expansive as well.

For the bomb mining users they are fine, because most of us have tons of gem / powercoils in stock.
As result it will only damage new players more.


This analogy only works if bombs were made for the intent of mining, they weren’t.


So what if I am a gleam and I bought an appearance change token before… do I get a refund? This is kind of a slap in the face since ive been gleam since I bought this game on steam.

Also, are Gleam club members going to be able to change clothes colors for free? And Hat colors?


How comes its not ?
Hammer can damage to creature as well so it can be weapon too.

  • Hammer can damage for both blocks and creature.
  • Bomb can damage for both blocks and creature.

Tell me the difference.

If devs change bomb to the other item call “blast hammer” with same effect as bomb, are you ok with that ?


Complete sentence.


It’s like coca cola. It’s intended to be drank. Yet people discovered that it’s great to for quick rust removal, for example for those stuck screws. If it was in Boundless, devs (some say there is one dev above with a plan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) should nerf rust removal properties from it, because CreativeWorlds uses other methods for rust removal, and he refuses because reasons to use coca cola ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Well, speaking for myself, if bombs are the way to mine for gems in this game, why don’t we get rid of the ridiculous block values for HP that one has to work around to make it work? Make bomb mining intuitive for the casual/newbie player and I’m fine with it.


So you are against bomb mining, but are FOR an AH, which is the bomb farming of shops on steroids.


Them bombs were never intended to be mining tool. But players figured out they can, and they did start mining with bombs. It is not easy, because you need to put X skill points into some skills, and don’t put into agility, and juggle with bonus to all. So devs instead of banning players ingenuity, they said OK, you want to mine with bombs, do it, it’s after all in the strict bounds of mechanics, and not some crazy exploit. They did not make it easier for those players, and even removed XP gain from blocks destroyed by bombs to nerf them a bit.
It’s a rather unique stance from the game makers. Unique in a positive way.

I’m all against giving everything to players on silver plate. Bomb mining is not rocket silence. There are lot of informations on forum how to do it. @Jiivita even made a calculator, what to invest skills points into.


I use a couple of beacons in a fireplace, not ideal but a good alternative for now I think :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: no idea why that directed @Gill was meant for @ChuggingClorox


I think bomb mining is design for casual/newbie player.
It save u more time to gather resource.
Also its not too difficult to build i think.
As Sztosz mention there are a lot of guide on Internet.

If only hammer exist in this game, u need to gather like minecraft.
It will take u at least 1 - 2 weeks to mass craft Advance power coils
All gem gear/ machine’s price will increase and will be more difficult to find it on market.


I’m against using game features that basically require third party calculations or websites to make them function properly. I understand the history of bomb mining and how we got where we are now. But since the devs have sanctioned it, why don’t we remove the values on blocks that were originally meant to keep people from doing it? It seems lukewarm: 1). Devs fixed block values so you can’t bomb mine now 2). Community figures out a way to bomb mine regardless 3). Devs say, “Okay, you all like bomb mining, so we’re fine with it.” 4). Contrived and complicated block values requiring third party sites remain in place to make it…harder? …no, it’s not hard, says community…but it’s still contrived?..

What is it?


You keep saying that, but it’s demonstrably not true.


What values on blocks?