Which update will be a game-changer for you?

With this condition I would say none of these alone would make me say that UI am fine with how the Game is. The game has along way to go to be the game that was in the preview videos and deliver on all the promises made by the developers.


< sigh >
How about “Which is the one you think you’ll enjoy the most and will make you happily wait for the rest”?

I voted clothing, but would have want also vote other things on list :smiley:

I visual character customization is from the list most interesting, out side of list and suggestions it would be trains and other interactive blocks :smiley:

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< sigh >
None of the above. There is not a choice that would make me happily wait for the rest. If they would introduce private planets, that might have me be willing to wait for more depending on the cost and how they were implemented.

Would rather have elevators than ladders…but will be happy with whatever the devs decide. Fantastic game…enjoying every second.

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I dunno, it’s like, if the rule was “choose between one of these specific foods the one that you like the most” and because you don’t like any of them, instead of going “this is the one I dislike less”, you had to be the guy who craps on it and goes “I’d rather die than eat one of those, don’t you have anything else?”…

The problem that I have that is keeping me from picking one is that none of them are what I would see as a game-changer and go with “I’m fine with how the game is, now”

I will be happy, but not really happy. I can see what needs to be done to make it much, much better and I won’t really, really be happy until they are added, or things that are close.

I’m not saying that what I want is best, or if they don’t get put in, but we all know what is needed for this game, more new content, and the farming is a step in the right direction. But, the big but that everyone hates, we need something to get the economy working better, we need to have more critters that look Nothing like what we have now. It seems that furniture is in the future, but how far?

Higher level players need something that is more challenging, but not make it by adding more steps to what is in the game already, that is just being cheap and not really liked by many.

So, I will be glad that it is finally added when it comes out, but not happy and not going the game is now Great!


No I am the guy trying to answer the questions you actually originally asked.

Which you now have changed as the poll question. So next time before you turn it into a personal attack maybe you should really look at the question you asked because you felt the need to change it for some reason.

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I changed the question because some people were playing on the semantics of a very simple premise.
So yeah, I regret trying to add a pinch of fancy/fun in the question, and I changed it accordingly to avoid that type of situation going forward.
I’m sorry if you see a personal attack. There was none.

The true point of the thread was to see which of these options was the one that most people were wanting to see. I thank those who played the game.

We need all of the updates


We need updates on the updates :ok_hand:


I’d even take updates on the updates of the updates

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