Art: Decorative Totems (Trophies?) and Poles Update! [IMAGE HEAVY!]

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Hello guys, it’s been a while since I’ve updated with concept art. For the past few weeks I’ve been working more on the decorative pole system which had eventually narrowed down to four distinct themes based on the material they were constructed of.


As a recap, these are the four themes:

*Gem is now gleam

For the first part, I’d experimented on the horizontal pieces, which can be attached to the vertical poles. There are two parts to the horizontal pieces, the first being the standard straight bar, and the second the ‘fence’. ‘Fences’ aren’t restricted as fences, but could ideally be rotated and placed in numerous ways:

Rough composition on how all pieces might fit together (not entirely accurate to scale), note that clipping will occur for the pieces to intersect. These are just examples showing consistent theme, though themes can be mixed and matched for more combination:

Decorative Totem Poles (TROPHIES!)

The idea for the decorative totem poles is that they would be rare craftable props, made by pieces dropped by the creature in question. They would act as trophies players could mount and show off. An example is that each separate piece of a creature part would take 1000 numbers of creatures to kill to gain an ingredient that would make either these decorative totem pieces or other related items.

Essentially, these pieces can also be mixed and matched.

**Totem props will also aim to be tintable as well.

Shout out to @Scratchnwiff and @Pseudonym84 for getting on my butt to update :hotdog:




And some awesome Cuttletrunk statues to line the road leading to our Cuttlepunk Headquarters!


These are amazing! Definitely going to be a game changer with future builds. Those trophies totem poles and the individual pieces will make for fine decor! And is that a hunter totem??



And oh it is a hunter - I keep forgetting it’s not implemented in the game yet haha! It will eventually.
(It’s your turn to update on YT now!)


These look absolutely amazing. I am so looking forward to the decorative stuff being put into the game. It’s going to add a massive amount of additional diversity to buildings!


They all look insanely amazing but the gem poles look the best in my opinion. They really go along well with the techy aspect of the game. Can’t wait to decorate the beans out of my base with them. :heart_eyes:


I can’t wait to add metal decorations to my Tech Shrine! Amazing work @Minyi :grinning:


Love it all :slight_smile:


It’s getting hard to categorize/name all this stuff! Regardless, I’ve uploaded this (and pretty much everything in Devlogs before that I haven’t commented on) to my online archive.


spent 3 hours of my life on that just now @dwarvenname


love it good work :slight_smile:


Didn’t even realize it’s gotten that big. There’s so much stuff posted by the devs though, and I think it’s pretty impressive so I’m glad I’ve been able to compile at least some of it in one place.

Looks awesome! keep up the good work!


Great stuff @Minyi ! Please let us not choose what to implement. We want all of it smile

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I never got how the horizontal fences are supposed to connect until today, when i took a really close look at the images.
Amazing concept! Can’t wait to watch @Jiivita telling us how they function ingame. :grin:

(Did i necro this on purpose? … Maybe. :kissing_smiling_eyes::notes:)


Naaah, even when … Necromancy is “never” a bad thing ^^ … And this feature needs some attention so that people fall in love with it again and the devs feel the preasure to release the d…n thingies asap :smiley:

and of topic
Necromancers are just a kind of healers who mostly come a bit to late to the party :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just keeps getting better.

Looks stunning as always

Sooooooon. I hope