Art: Hunter concept (and Beast Hunter Set)

Hi guys, here our new version for the hunter.
This creature is going to chase you down whenever you go. Jess is working on the modelling right now, meanwhile the combat programmers are working on the gameplay. :boom:

Stay tuned :smiley:


Initial concept and motions

Beast Hunter Set


Wow, turned out even better than expected! Being chased by one of these will be freaky as hell :thumbsup:

Also, I need a cuttletrunk hat! Can we do the emo hair flip with it?


Speak for yourself, I must have the hunter set. The hunters will become the hunted :sunglasses:


can i mix these wearable’s? if i like to wear some parts of roadrunner set and hunter set?


Off course :slight_smile:


Looks pretty inimidating, it could almost feature as some ‘mini boss’ if it has the right size.
Speaking of size, how big is this creature going to be in comparison to the player character?

Any chance that one of those programmers wants to share the plans for the behavior of this creature?


Are those things like ghosts? Or just unfortunate enough not to have a bottom half? Either way these all look awesome!:+1::v:

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I would really prefer not to have the hunters chasing you on their hands. Remember sadako? =S


Super good concepts, especially the sets! amazing. Really wonder how to achieve them o.o and if you can modify in someway or individualize…

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Reminds me more of a banshee you’d see flying at you

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Under what circumstances do these hunters seek to violate your internal organs?

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I hope under every single one.

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pls has the cuttletrunk armor in game pls has cuttletrunk armor pls pls pls pls pls x300 (thats alot!)
Ban me from the forums before I pls-ify all of the concept threads.

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