How much would it cost...?

how about 100 mill

Nah but seriously i think this is the general consensus. At this point everyone pretty much has their established builds, and aside from a few, most probably wouldn’t move unless the new settlement itself either has a friendly community and/or amazing architecture

(or unless their current settlement dies or rentable planets come out)

Oh if my current settlement dies (meaning it’s regened by accidental fuel mishap), I’m 90% sure that I’d be too demoralized and I’d go find another game.

Personally, I’m not interested in rental worlds, unless I have a blueprint feature of some sort. I could start something new on a rental world, but I would need my previous one to die first, which brings me back to the above statement which makes it an unlikely scenario.

Besides, I’m still unclear as to how rental worlds would work. Like, would you have a monthly fee to keep your world? And if you miss on a deadline, it gets deleted or something? Because if so, not for me. ^^

I don’t really wanna move right now, but $20 is $20.

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200 real dollars so I can buy some more plots :smile:

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Hmm rental planets…where do these ideas come from…what’s wrong with the world’s u got now…I am a big no way for rental world’s…

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It’s something that has been planned by the devs for a loooooong time. It was one of the promises made to backers when the game was in its crowdfunding stage.

Oh… I am ready to move… Whenever the furniture update hits with plenty of furniture and decorations for me to play around with in my new home. :grin::wink:
Everything I own is in a storage cube at the moment.

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You couldn’t pay me enough to move, perhaps if i were to become good friends with a group then i may consider… But im a loner and relatively casual a player. I like the freedom of being alone in my woods and having no expectations from anyone but myself.
Also, my build relies heavily on my surroundings. Incorporating the huge Arian trees means my place couldnt be reproduced without building a few dozen huuuge trees :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t mind having a second home… Somewhere i sell or collaborate with others but my Home tree will forever be just that :heart:


I guess my time to move was this past week. I finally broke down and rebuilt my entire base to make it so I can actually see inside after the lighting update. Took me almost a week to get all the materials, build a few tests to make sure I was going to have enough light, tear out all the black refined metamorphic (which now it seems I have endless SS of maybe I should just mint it), and then rebuild from basement to 3rd floor. At least I can now see in my workshop and storage areas, but might have been easier to let it regen and move.

I would agree with most of the other posts. My build is where is it because of the other players. If they all left then I would still have to want to work with the players in the new spot in order to move.

Rental planets have been discusses plenty before, have been bought up before, and as far as i’m aware are part of the backer rewards.

Assuming the game dosen’t flop, its not a matter of if, but when.

I’m personally against splitting up the playerbase, but I also recognize such a move can attract new players and generate more income, so i’m for it.


As soon as rental planets are available my group of players will most likely move to one, as long as it is connected to the main universe.


for enough money i will move my complete building. minimum cost 10-50 Mio ^^
or the second ground for moving free is privat/rental server too XD

its a long time ago but here one off the oldest topic for privat / rental server


Answer from Dev’s

That comment means nothing really…that like titans. Or ort that was mined…there’s a huge list of stuff that might not ever happen

thats correct XD The Dev’s say a lot, but that was most time all. They say something add some art work and that was most time all.

I wait since 5 years for titans and more units and for privat server

examples here ^^

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:thinking:i would do it for free if you first build exact copy off it that i can tweak with improvements good luck :joy:
btw its not insane to move a complete base
dune done it multiple times and averages at 4to 6days
but only if you build insane big double inverted piramid’s
i think in one week you can easily ship millions off prestige
if your base is fairly uniform designed and you got skill
plus insane build speed

You could have one of my bases on any of the higher tir planets, and expand on it, just give a call.

I got so excited when I read this lol. I had to take a moment to calm down. Thanks you so much for that offer.

I can’t ask you for my favorite planet you did so much work there. But I went to my second choice at the coords I would expect and nope, it’s a hunt platform.

I might scout around some more but if I did move to a high level I would definitely want it to be in a US region. Have you invested any work on Shedu Tier?

540 plots reserved for you if you want the space.
But i havent broken Surface yet, so ist up to you beeing a cave dweller for a couple days :slight_smile:

I just want to make a casual comeback as a worker on somebody’s private planet if they ever go live. I farm mats, you build kind of thing. I want to know that whatever build we won’t have a trailer park of ugly plots plop down right next to it lol.


well… 1000 plots obviously :smiley: its only thing im missing to make new builds :smiley:
do you think about convince ppls to build at your rental world?
if they add it in future for sure there would be players offering coins in exchange for building at their planet