Art: Ground Basher and Stone Thrower NEW concepts!

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[Party poppers!]

The ground basher now has an epic make over! And we’re deciding to split the ground basher and stone thrower to two different creatures. Sharing the same rig. Different attacks. Probably branching off from the same family of species.

Ground Basher

First wide exploration of ground basher.

Narrowing down choices. Beefing up butt and legs to make it look more grounded.

Progression exploration

Stone Thrower

So this guy throws stuff at you. From big to little stuff, depending on the level.


give him a sweet collar and I have a new pet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great to see these critters taking shape. :heart_eyes::scream:

@everyone - How do you think the Ground Basher and Stone Thrower will behave in the world?


Would be absolutely amazing if it would actually rip blocks out of the ground and throw them on you. Dealing damage dependent on the block type he picked (dirt < trunks < stone etc.)
So you’d be encouraged to fight these creatures in open terrain where they can only throw with “soft” dirt and don’t have access to rock or tree trunks.


I would also like it to perhaps erupt from the ground throwing up blocks, while the blocks are in the air the player could still walk on the blocks until they land (and disappear). I’d like to see quite as few different attacks.

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Surprised to not see any Groot jokes for Ground Basher #4.

These look amazing though :smiley:

He’s not Groot. :yum:


I am Ground Basher


Loose discussion for you all: Would it be good for the creatures to have any further visual indication that they belong to certain environment as well as taking into account the elemental mesh ‘add on’s’ planned for the Ice/blast/toxic attacks etc?

ie. Does a white/grey (albino) tinted Basher in a land of Ice become a readable Yeti? If so how big of a visual cue would be required for the imagination to take hold? Small change - tints and colours, Bigger change 'biome wearable mesh/texture add ons, full mesh change (Yeti, Rock, Forest, Desert)?


Creature 7 looks good

creature 1 looks not so good, i prefere creature with 2 eyes ^^
creature 2 & 3 looks real nice

creature 2 looks good & funny ^^

Would love biome specific full meshchange, but it sounds like a lot of work…So tints and colors work fine.


Like to see ground basher nr. 4 coming up from a swamp in front of you, dripping wet and with old rotten plants hanging all over.

Hey, I’m back! And I like number nine from ground basher, and number eight from the stone thrower.

I like the fatter more grounded look, which in my opinion makes the creature look much more intimidating.

Nice concept artwork! Adding all this to the collection.

I definitely like the idea of the creatures having different visuals and colors, maybe to save on work have a couple different parts that could be swapped in and out on the models based on the area. Like there would be a base for all the creatures, and then the ones for each different biome would have a different color tint, texture, and then a couple pieces on the model (like pebbles, vines, etc)

This would give a feeling of many many different creatures while not really increasing the work much.

Omg love the mossy ones so much but still add every one they will get sad if they aint added

so very cool, hope to meet thoose in battle :slight_smile: they would be cool as pets! :smiley:

They keep players as pets…


I see no reason why the blocks should disappear^^ But good idea!