Art: Ground Basher and Stone Thrower NEW concepts!

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Looks awesome!! can’t wait to see this unique creation in game


I love this one for the Ground Breaker

and this one for the Stone Thrower

I really like the greenery mixed in, it makes it interesting!


All of them look pretty amazing. Really nice done!

1st picture:
I like the head of 8 pretty much! (Would put him instead of 8 of 3rd pricture) would like 8 as thrower here!
Also 9 is amazing! I hope you take different styles for different areas! Maybe 9 could be guard of a temple or something.

As a basher I like the guy of the progression exploration picture pretty much as he is! amazing! I want lvl 5 as my home guard. Can I? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase…

In anyway, try to implement diverse of those skins. There are too many good looking to keep them away and decide for one!


the ground basher will throw rocks at you and the stone thrower will explode. Just my guess.


Whatever happened to creatures like this coming into boundless? Stone thrower, basher, hunter. Etc.


Hunter is supposedly soon, it’s one on the last items left on the last roadmaps. The others no talk.


Early access players hunted them to extinction, no living specimens were brought over from the old worlds before the cataclysm. There are rumors that the Illuminoorti preserved a specimen that they keep in secret labs deep under ground… but that’s all just silly rumors! :slight_smile:


Yes… of course…