Art: Fish concepts and model


Hi guys,
for all of you excited about fish (and fishing) here some concept for the first prototype. Is a basic fish with no particular gameplay functionality at the moment. Our lovely Jessica did the modelling and the rig for it and is ready to be animated by our other lovely Gerry :smiley: (am i lovely too? :blush:)



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Really like it!
You are all lovely <3


I like the seahorse like creature and the 3rd one in the second line


Wow they look very beautiful! Love them


I love the second top left one! That being said they all look awesome! Nice work. :blush:


Nice, still hope that fishing will be a part of the game, as you saw we were talking about lava fish earlier, i think it would be pretty cool if there were different water conditions which had different fish. for example lava, water on iceworld, water on tree world, water in svamp worlds, water in an oasis in the middle of a dersert world, it would probably be pretty hard to make though…

never the less, i hope you will add the first from the left on 2nd row to the game, those looks seriously menacing


Sure. This particular fish is just the first generic water creature. it help us for prototype some of the gameplay functionality.
We are going to explore variations like flying fish, electric eels , manta ray etc…etc… for archetype, scales and behaviours. Off course they are going to have Boundless twist and originality on them :slight_smile:


Have you played around with the idea of spear fishing? so instead of a fishing pole you actively have to find places with little water to spear the fish manually.


Fishing in on Yota’s dream list. :stuck_out_tongue: We are having discussion with designers about that.


Had an amusing bug earlier this morning while working on the fish, so I thought I’d share. Psychedelic rainbow fish was not what I expected to see…


ho… is that a bug? I thought was a fish…


I like it,looks great.
Good job!!


Ok, I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyways.


Oho, I like it!

One thing though: the blending at the base of the fins feels a bit out of place from the rest of the design


Of course!
If you leak some more titan stuff you’ll be even more lovely though :smiley:


I love the four in the right top corner, by the way, which program do you guys use to draw/ create your animals, it looks awesome.


wow they look great! i made a post about water mobs yesterday too lol!


That’s definately Maya! Not sure if they made the mesh in maya or z-Brush :confused:
welp Oh great (and lovely) @claudiotolomei would you mind telling us please? :3


It looks like a pokemon i want one XD, as long as we can build a glass dome and put him in there i want these fish bros :fish: :blowfish: :tropical_fish:


I love all the fishes!! :smile: