Art: Fish concepts and model


Claudio isn’t in today but I can answer this! We use Photoshop for painting both concepts and textures, Maya for making ingame meshes, and ZBrush for the high-resolution sculpts that are baked into normal maps for the game.


Lookin’ clean!


I love it! I always love the water in these kinds of games, and the fact that your adding wildlife under the waves is incredible! Great Job!


These are so excellent! They remind me of rayquaza from pokemon kinda haha! I’m excited to see em in game!


why does this look better then the one original in the picture this is a bug one you say?


Love sea life :smile:
I am curious as to wether or not there will be some large/huge creatures as well that spawn in deep/large bodies of water? One’s more passive like sperm whales (or reefbacks in Subnautica) and aggressive like the deep water vampire squid (or the Reaper Leviathan in Subnautica)
Huge sea beasts would be a thrill to see :slight_smile:


I will try to do someday a model of a sea creature


o awesome!!


I have to agree. There’s that defined line going down the body from the mouth contrasted with the orange blending out to the fin. It doesn’t look consistent. Knit-picking. I do like most of the concept art for the fish. Kudos.



Love it, love it, love it!
Can’t wait to be fishing in this game :smiley:
My fishing skills will skyrocket! xD
Also, if you live be the water, this is a GREAT way to have a steady source of food :wink:
The fisherman of Norway will be all over this! haha


is this still concept our something that might be added along the way
also are there plans for more animals and monsters along the way
i mean like plenty off species :smiley: does it also mean that each new animal requires recipes and new drops our can it just be fishfood
many questions :smile:


It never showed up on the trello road map.


how about having some kind of Razorbeak starting from T2 planets (fish with sharp teeth which make you want to get a bigger boat )


this game needs fishing to add to the variety in the game, would improve the atmosphere and replayability a lot, adding MMO professions for people