Wraith/hunter release date?

Yeah we need to be able to “raise” the tier 1-2 mobs. Ride them into battle.


There were plans at one point to add domestication. If we do see that, it’ll probably be a bit, but I agree that it’d be awesome to have my own set of cuttles and spitters to abuse in my spare time

They should release the hunter on Halloween week without patch notes. Just screams in the dark



Well think of it like this. If they just give us a bunch of mindless creatures like we have now, then the combat will remain just as boring and stale as it has been since they were all introduced in the first place.

So perhaps the tech being done behind the Wraith’s AI is going to help lay the foundation for future creature AI development and design. This might make the Protectors (Titan robot minion guys), Ground Pounder, Ground Basher, Block Worms, flying creatures, and even underwater creatures a lot easier time to be released to us. A lot of that stuff has concept art made for it and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of that stuff already has in game models and animations ready to be paired up with the correct coding.

Even so, it would have been nice to have a few dozen different creatures to fight by now and even some that are meteor specific.


I thought the meteor specific enemies were in the game already. They are the ones that throw bombs at your feet till you fall to your death :joy:

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I want them to have a life bar like Minecraft wolves. To not have the same for ever lol

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Well they’re boring as hell then and need completely redone.

There’s very little that’s different from our current combat oriented mobs.

I was referring to the players that use forged bombs to ruin hunts lol.

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Kinda hope these creatures are only on exo-worlds. I’m so not looking forward to being evicerated while mining for mats on T6 worlds… :’(

If something doesnt happen soon you’ll see some wrath!

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a lot off enemy was planned before a long time… but this is all. they was planned and than never add to the game.

I wait now since over 2 years now for the Ground Basher and Thrower here are some post from it

or here some more (not all)

here the animation from some

and the longest i wait is for the titans and protectors…i buy this game at the end from 2014 at this time i found it read that you can build your own home and fight against titans that was what i love. I love to build a big base (over 2000 hours in Factorio, the best base building game I know XD and WoW the best Game if you love to raid big boss)

picture from archive.org

I think it will never happen that they add what they say…


That Is going to be a problem every time a new creature is added from now on.

People are used to the game the way is it now. The other day a guy rage quitted because of cuttles lol

I mean cuttles are the worst. Stupid homing orbs


If u rage quit over a monster go play peaceful minecraft.

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Like when people say they like boundless but without everything that is not building :joy:

Yea the creative mode otherwise you’ve got bigger problems

Well, it’s no just the “building” part. Boundless has a unique artstyle, and a unique way to cut blocks with chisels.
I’ve contemplated the idea of getting myself a Minecraft server (especially after watching the on-going series of videos with Jacksepticeye & Pewdiepie having fun on MC Survival). Boundless can’t have that because it basically have 0 dungeons or prefab temples to explore and 0 actual Lore-Quests.
And yet, I won’t go to Minecraft, simply because I don’t like the artstyle.

If Boundless didn’t had the artstyle with the gleam and the way blocks are rendered with the nice textures, speculars, normal maps, the cool looking water, the awesome portal system which pretty much removes loading screens… if Boundless didn’t had that, I’d still be on Creativerse.

I’ve been vocal about how much I want the Furniture update, but even more than that, I think Boundless URGENTLY NEEDS Rental Worlds and some Steam Workshop support with ways for the community to create block-textures and models for items and creatures.
Then the most restless members of the community (like me ^^) will have something better to do than lash out on the forums.

If Boundless doesn’t add that in the coming year, I’ll move on to Hytale when it comes out. Hytale will have a Minecraft-like artstyle which is not my cup of tea, but it will also have all the crazy tools one could want in a building-game. I’ll happily leave you guys to your hunts and you’ll have my build for grabs when its GC runs out.

BUT if Rental Worlds + Creation Tools are added… if we can create our own block textures, owh man…


Well that would be prevented if they would simply disable terrain destruction in the radius of the meteor.

A lot of the problems the game has just need simply solutions. At least that’s one person’s opinion.