Art: Large Livestock (celebrating the Earth Day :P )

Hi guys,
another update from creatures’s land. :slight_smile: Here some exploration for the Large Livestock. As usual the sketches are suggestions for feels, appearance, behaviour that are going to help us to create our final meshes.
Some element of the livestock for example could appear in more aggressive creature type :smiling_imp:
As usual pick your favourite <3

Large Livestock


I love 6 and 9!

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When I think if livestock, it makes me think what livestock would actually be used for (i.e. what can you harvest from it or gain from breeding). With that in mind (and knowing some of the droppables that will appear in game - meat, bone etc), my choices have been steered towards #1, #6 and #10

Personally, I don’t think #7 fits as a large livestock - it just looks out of place if you know what I mean - more a small and cute type creature.

I do like the front part of #8, but those butt cheeks are enormous! It almost looks like another creature is hiding behind it … or is a little too close for comfort :fearful:

I quite like #9 as well, but I’m unsure where it’s face is


I rather like 1, 3, 9 and 10.

As @Stretchious I don’t really feel 7 as very lifestock like.

11 reminds me more of some ancient woodland strider or something, it would work amazingly as a rare creature you can hunt down.


11 looks an aweful lot like Xerneas:

Nonetheless, love them all^^ even if I don’t think some are large livestock.
But it might be interesting to see animals which we wouldn’t expect to be that large to be exactly that^^

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this livestck creatures are a bit strange when looking at them, the all seem big but also weird looking. I like 1, 4, 6, 7, 10 and 11

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  • 4
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  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11

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2, 4, 11
Generally interesting. In principle, each design could be modified. Add details, alignment to roles in the game, change size and attributes until it fits an environment or a biome or a creature behaviour.

11 is fantastic to me. Quite a striking and maybe seldomly to see entity in the game.


I too really like 11 but cannot see why so many vote for it as a livestock creature, having a herd of those would just feel weird.


We might need 2 polls then: 1. Which one do you think is a good lifestock. 2. Which one do you like in general.


I love them all!:smiley:

4 and 11 have stolen my heart :slight_smile:
A multi headed animal and that badass deer creature, yes please!


…,I’m sorry to have to say this again,but I feel like nice and simple concepts would be better. Then when you design the creature you want you can make it all complex and Boundlessly. But it all like your just doing too much with the creatures,but if I had to choose #1would probably be my favorite.


@claudiotolomei I think you’re trying too hard to make every creature super special :confused:
They don’t even look like something you would farm tbh. IMO some fo the old charger concepts would fit perfectly for a large lifestock

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Agreed that 11 doesn’t seem livestocky. It does remind me of the White Stag though

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But don’t get use wrong they look good,just not like livestock. If it was like random giant creature,then you’ve nailed it! But just go back,and make them simpler,and then I don’t hunk it will make more sense.

@G-Sage, @Predatoxic: I have to disagree. I think a lot of them are useable as livestock (it depends on the definition of “livestock”). Let me make some example here …

#11 and deer farming
#11 reminds me of a “mayerstic” deer. Of cause this is not a pig but there are people how have “deer farms” for commercial use. If you can farm deers why not the elegant thing with the huge antler on the head.

classic livestock #1, #3, #5, #8 and #10
#1 #3 #8 and #10 reminds me of classic buffalo or cow alike livestock creatures while #5 looks like a huge bird not capable of flying (turkey maybe).

what remains #2, #4, #6, #7 and #9
This are the ones remaining. TBH i really don’t like #2 because its to skinny for a livestock creature but that’s only my personal opinion. The remaining 4 creature types are unique and special and i could imagine to see these on farms (not human farms, but farms). Especially #7 reminds me on guinea-pigs which are normal “livestock” creatures in south-america(Extra Link) while they are only “pets” in europe. It’s really depending on the definition and your origin what is livestock for you and what’s not and therefore i would accept them all.

@claudiotolomei for me your creatures are plausible and mostly natural inspired. I could imagine to see them ingame and build a farm with them. good work as always.


1 is kinda funny. Slow walking pace could be nice. Also fast rushing pace - could be an animation challenge. Somehow I overlooked this creature. I like the arrangement of feet in this one, it’s cute. It looks as if it just emerged from the sea and is waiting for the next evolutionary step in growing wings. Already drawings sth. according to it. @Havok40k If I may?

Huh? What are you asking from me, exactly?

When will all come out