Art: Large Livestock (celebrating the Earth Day :P )


I simply want to know if it is appropriate to add a new drawing to the thread. In order not to spoil the original experience of claudio’s drawings.
I once asked if I could take his idea and make my own creation out of it. Answer had been rather evasive. So I did not do.


Sure as long as the discussion and pictures relates directly to the thread I can’t see a problem with it.


If it’s your own drawing based on this topic but - changed a lot of the original - you could create a new topic like “my ideas to large livestock” and quote from here. If you just have small additions you can post it here like @Thorbjorn42gbf said.


6 is MASSIV, 11 is surreal and strange and 3 is kinda “standard but unique” … love’em! ^^


Well,in my honest opinion I think livestock should be a simple yet interesting creature that you would get meat or “Health resources” (Food)
Now the reason I choose #1 is because it’s interesting,but no so complex that it becomes overwhelming.
For #11,ok it’s not the animal,I’m fine with a deer like farm,it’s just the horns are way too out there,a simple deer with horns would do.


Meh livstock is any animal docile enough to be domesticated. I think it would feel weird if there was a group of creatures that artwise was so different from all the other creatures in the game that you would just look at them and go: “Yup those are livestock.”


Ah, yeah go for it. If it’s topical, you don’t need permission from anybody, and if it’s not topical, just make a new thread. Just use your best judgment!


I don’t think so. I think it’s good to give a feel of how it will look in the future, or what it will represent.It=art


I like 1, 9 and 10 for livestock. Would love to see 4 and 11 as wild animals, could not kill them for food…


#2 for sure


I need number 11!!!

Its so weird and crystal-y and awesome!


Awesome! 4, 10, and 11 are my favorites. I’ll add the artwork to the devlog collection.


2, 10 , and 11 are only ones that look like animals. all the others look like sculptures.


I am sure they stop looking like sculptures as soon as they get animation :wink:


First off, I love how you are able to throw random shapes together and make some pretty amazing looking creatures!
(11 & 2 really catch my eye) :heart_eyes:

For the purpose of Large Livestock, my favorite at the moment is no 1, however I think it should look a little more muscular, and a little less like a whale…

Would these animals also be used to help carry loads?

I really like 2, it reminds me of the Seraph aliens in Borderlands, but also has a bit of an Enderman feel to it.
I would love to see it as a phase-walking & sneaking creature (I imagine it appearing out of the blue, and attacking you from behind/the side).
Not sure if that will fit very well with the whole look and feel of the other creatures currently in the game.

Last note, I love how you thought of making a Giant Cat-like alien creature!! :smile:


I think that every creature could be Large Livestock… But 11 feels alot more like a rare creature that you find in a forest during a specific time :sweat_smile:


11 is just wow. But they all have little things to them that make them fun and special. Keep in mind, Livestock can be used for stuff other than food/meat. Maybe the eyeballs off of 4 make great essences, or the poo from 6 speeds up plant growth…


Guys, I think some of these just look a bit too alien. Just imagine some kid playing this game and seeing these creatures. It would take ages to get him out from under the couch and then he would still need therapy for three months. What I’m trying to say; no nightmare fuel please. =3


Would love 11 as rare shimmering animal that come out in the nights and buff you with something good.


If exploding green phallic monsters aren’t too alien for kids, these should be fine as well. As for months of therapy, if you’ve never had one of the aforementioned phallic demons go off in your redstone work, you know nothing of nightmare fuel…