Art: Large Livestock (celebrating the Earth Day :P )


Couldn’t have said it better^^
If kids get a trauma from these creatures then they have some other, far more serious, issues than this game.


I definitely know about green phallic monsters destroying everything you hold dear.
But I like to see where the head’s at on my creature, just my opinion though.


i love 2 and 11. can imagine multiple creature (2) walking in a distance and see those “silky flames” at night, would look mesmerizing. 11 looks like some type of deer ice creature.


Love # 11 minus the little eyeball sun thing at the top


1 got so less percent? i looks so clumsy… with his oversized horns and the little feet in the front xD also looking like unable to see where it runs. Maybe even sniffs you before attacking :smiley: I want it!


gib all plz


Perhaps some more livestock to play with?


Up, up, up. More necroposts.