Art: Ground Basher in game model


Hiya all,

Here’s a few screenshots of the current dev wip on the ground basher. We’re testing out the scale at the moment because in Maya it shares the same rig and scale as the livestock (believe it or not).

Anyway, it’s still early days on this guy and very much prone to changes and updates depending on how he fits in (and clips) with the world. Exciting none the less and not one you’d like to meet on a dark night! :slight_smile:

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Wow looks amazing (and intimating :sweat_smile:) , hopefully we´ll get some heavy weaponry before/when you patch those monsters into the game.


Ack - well if we can’t get the scale to work across the board… then they’ll be smaller and a lot less intimidating!
lol! :smile:

As I said - still early days to see how this all fits in with the damage system etc… in the mean time, here have a first look pic to see the progress of the roadrunners which are a lot closer to being released.


the first picture looks line a big stone golem XD.

i love this big size fromn the ground basher

in the picture this is the evolved and not corrupted form from the ground basher ??

and i have 1 question. if you add them to the gamne you add all 3 version (normal, evolved and corrupted), because i found the normal version is from the design the best version ^^


Yeah, this was the initial early concept and thoughts the art team had showing that we wanted to at least A: Push to use the same Rig and B: Have visual variety of dangerous bashers that would create different patterns of damage on the voxel world. The core ideas of this are still roughly the same but will now need to fit within the updated ideas that Ben/Ollie are still working on in the design system that works with the Biomes and what is harvested for game-play purposes.


Both are looking good! I’m looking forward to getting some more creatures in the game!



What aspects of the model does a rig cover? (And what goodies do you gain by reusing rigs across models?)



I feel it kinda lacks eyes :slight_smile:


It’s blinking! Typical. You take a photo and everyone has their eyes closed.


That looks awesome


Every goddamn time :anger:


Gulp! wow…that looks big and scary :fearful:


Holy ■■■■ that dude is scary XD, can we ride on their back?


i think not ^^ it will attack you XD and the other ground it give no ride at the moment XD


Not sure if this idea has been tossed around before, but could these be the “bull” version of the livestock animal? The females are small and docile (unless provoked) and the males are the ground bashers- defenders of the herd, always hostile to players and predators. Also needed by breeders to grow the herd, very very carefully…


A rig is basically what we call the skeleton of a model. It’s a complex hierarchy of what you can think of as bones and muscles that the animators use to bring our models to life with movement :smiley:

Re-using rigs across multiple models means we save a lot of time and effort - every time we have to create a new rig it takes time to build it, and models that use the same rig can also use the same animations. Although they’ll usually need tweaking - the ground basher looks very silly doing livestock animations :stuck_out_tongue: Tweaking existing animations is still much faster than doing them from scratch though.


I really want to see the ground basher doing livestock animations now.


It looks really funny - especially because the livestock arms are like tiny little raptor limbs and is a generally very light and bouncy creature. :smile:


Yeah the original ideas we have had along those similar lines is a battering ram which is a more bull/ram like version of the livestock and charges heavily without the head butt. (Sharing the rest/mostly of the livestock anim set)
I’m not sure where we are on this but the new designs do have a ‘large livestock’ in there at the mo which I’m thinking could be the roughly the same thing as it shares the same attributes and values on Ollie’s design sheet- tho I’ll need to chat with Ollie and the team on this when the time comes.

Breeding, capturing and luring has also been discussed (which we love) but other things are taking the priority… ya know how it is. We’re currently looking at a possible flying sort of creature right now to be held aside for prototyping and as you know are implementing the Basher to see how larger creatures move with the slopes etc.


What even is that from? :joy::joy: All I see is a child holding a spoonful of Jell-O…